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KingAudi’s New Hot Track “2 AM” is Set to Dazzle Crowds

KingAudi’s New Hot Track “2 AM” is Set to Dazzle Crowds

Thursday, 13 May 2021
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Produced by J11, “2 AM” is the new hot single track from notable rap artist KingAudi. The artist also promptly released the music video for his fiery joint for fans to enjoy. With past hits such as “DaygoSuperstar” and “Save Her,” the artist has once more dazzled fans with his sultry beats and unmatched vocals.

Known for his undeniable harmonic flow, KingAudi’s new track is just the right amount of beats and lyrical wonderment to get fans on board. The artist debuted his first single back in 2020 and has since been rising to fame with skillfully performed songs such as “Pope”—an upbeat track contrary to his latest relaxing single.

“2 AM” is a track for the ages as it starts with a rather laidback musical flow and carries on with KingAudi’s unquestionable talent to mesh his vocals perfectly with the tunes.

The artist has come out to state the reason behind his new hit single, and it has gotten much admiration and relatability. His vision was to convey into song and words the feeling he gets when cruising San Diego at 2 AM.

With the support of his friends and family, the young artist is sure to drop more music and gain the fame he deserves. Check out KingAudi’s Instagram for more news on his upcoming projects!


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