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Harlem’s Venture Klan Releases New Album “It Takes A Village”

Harlem’s Venture Klan Releases New Album “It Takes A Village”

Thursday, 13 May 2021
New Music
Representing New York City, Venture Klan is an up-and-coming duo out of the iconic neighborhood of Harlem. Back in 2017, Hot 97’s DJ Drewski recruited Venture Klan for his “Dear Jersey Empowerment Tour,” which propelled the duo into the next phase of their budding music careers.


For the past couple of years, Venture Klan has steadily earned the respect of new fans who appreciate the intersection of Hip Hop and Anime/Manga culture just as much. To kick off 2021, Venture Klan gave a preview of their upcoming album with the release of their “Manga & Subs” single.


As Q2 nears, the duo will be turning things up a notch.


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