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King Beli – I’m Hungry 2 (Mixtape)

King Beli – I’m Hungry 2 (Mixtape)

Wednesday, 05 May 2021

King Beli tease of promising future in Hip Hop with the release of his new mixtape, I’m Hungry 2. For the sequel, the North Carolina rapper taps a trio DJs in DJ Derrick Geeter, DJ Dellmatic and DJ Ike Geda to host. For the latest installment, Beli and Derty North Records deliver an 11-track ensemble of traperified lyrics over the production of today’s most popular Hip Hop hits.

The project further grows Beli’s newfound notoriety following the hit release, “Juice Her Up,” with fellow North Carolina sensation, Renni Rucci. And with North Carolina one of the hotspots in today’s hip-hop for top prospects, King Beli is merely a hit away from mainstream explosion. As a lyricist, I’m Hungry 2 is King Beli at his purest and the perfect origin point for any newfound fan.

Check out the entire mixtape below, courtesy of Audiomack.


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