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FG Figueroa Releases Bewitching Visuals For New Single “Odio” Off His Album The Prelude

FG Figueroa Releases Bewitching Visuals For New Single “Odio” Off His Album The Prelude

Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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Latin America has produced some of the most exciting Hip Hop artists of the last decades. Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic have provided us with many names reaching international appeal in a very short period of time.

One of such artists is definitely going to be FG Figueroa, an artist born in Puerto Rico but currently residing in Miami. The urban singer and songwriter has been working hard, and has now released a music video for his brand new single “Odio,” a magnificent track bursting with smooth energy and sincerity. “Odio” which means hate is a single from his latest album, The Prelude.
With an exceptional approach towards music, beauty and his architectural inspirations, FG Figueroa mixed it all in one pot showcasing his delicate taste by shooting the music video choosing amazing scenery for it.

As FG Figueroa says: “ It showcases places that have meant a great deal to me and to the city of Miami. In addition, it symbolizes my journey taking me from Puerto Rico to growing up in South Florida. Documenting the manifestation of the many aspirations that I have for the future.” Indeed, his selection of attire, a “Santurce Cangrejeros” jersey of Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente, is demonstrating that even though he grew up in South Florida, he will always be proud of his Puerto Rican heritage. 


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