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Doley Bernays Shares New Soulful Record, “When’s The Right Time?”

Doley Bernays Shares New Soulful Record, “When’s The Right Time?”

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Bronx bred Doley Bernays, has consistently raised the bar with the music he makes. He recently has been reaching new pinnacles and effortlessly moving the music industry in rare ways. Continuously releasing hits backs to back with the visuals to follow up, his 2020 game plan seems to be impeccable.

Using the best time, right before the Holidays to share this new record, just shows how serious he takes his craft. Doley blessed fans with his latest release, “When’s The Right Time?” This track displays his growth as well as lets fans in on his unique artistry. In “When’s The Right Time?, it opens up with a woman discussing that he doesn’t appreciate himself the way others around him do. He then begins with Muddy’s World, screaming Forever Kev. Always paying homage to his main sources of inspiration and motivation. The beat and soulful vibe quickly grab your ear. The beat paired with the vulnerability and passion in his voice added with his poetic lyricism is constantly astonishing. Expressing moments he won’t get back as well as life experiences, you hear and feel how these meaningful instances and some unfortunate circumstances only made him wiser and stronger.  His music is simply therapeutic and his fans still rely on it to get them through times.

This record can alter your viewpoint in a great way. It will make up appreciate the small and simple things in life. Makes you start to think, when is the right time? The strategy on how he rides the beat with the perfect lyricism to match display his true talents.

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