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CokeCarl Releases New Single, “Gushy Talk”

CokeCarl Releases New Single, “Gushy Talk”

Wednesday, 29 July 2020
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Brooklyn, New York is known to be the home of several iconic artists.  Many are captivated by the art of creating substantial music at an early age. Born and raised in Brooklyn, CokeCarl began to make music at the age of five. At ten years old, his parents purchased his first piano and then he started to take lessons at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music for two years. Growing up Carl experienced living and adjusting to different environments. His surroundings showed him what he did not want to be like. Traveling at a young age helped him to experience and learn more about life and different cultures. In 2016, this Brooklyn native began to really study and perfect his craft. He was motivated by his dreams and passion for the art of music to be a multi-talented creative artist. As a child he enjoyed listening to Luther Vandross, Al Green and Boyz2men. His ultimate goals are to make timeless records that will eventually reach Platinum status, take care of his entire family and to simply build an empire off of talent, integrity and ambition. His biggest accomplishment so far was completing his new upcoming EP, Butterflyz. In this project he opened up about how woman can change your perspective on what love really is. He touches the subject of having supportive partners versus toxic ones. He released the first single recently titled, “Gushy Talk,” where he expressed why and how he has to admire some woman from a distance. Carl’s distinctive ingenious process consists of different elements. He usually writes different songs that reflect his feelings. From relationships, to life experiences it has all helped him get his message across in each song. With his enticing and insightful perspective you can hear the inspiration in his music. Having meaningful lyrics and relatable messages, he mixes in elements of soulful beats, blended in with real life struggles and experiences to create genuine enjoyable tracks. His music is a safe place for him to speak his truth openly. With all his accomplishments and positive feedback CokeCarl is meant to be one of New York’s most dominant artists.

He now releases his most recent single, “Gushy Talk.” With such a soulful vibe he effortlessly sets the tone. He openly talks about his feelings and how he expresses himself. This track is relatable to many people who are afraid to open up about their feelings. As the beat drops, you can feel the dope energy. As you listen to each verse, his flow becomes therapeutic. Listen to it here!

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