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dEVOLVE – “Monster” Remixes Ft. Richie Loop

dEVOLVE – “Monster” Remixes Ft. Richie Loop

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Getting into the Halloween spirit, popular DJs dEVOLVE and Richie Loop summons their hot track, “Monster” for a set of trick-or-treat remixes.

dEVOLVE’s infectiously exotic dancehall-electro banger has received reworks from wise-chosen, underrated artists. The remixes deliver the signature freights and horror-themed sounds that fans will enjoy even after the Day of the Dead.

dEVOLVE originally released “Monster” while out with Diplo earlier this month. dEVOLVE is bursting at the seems to showcase a seemingly endless vault of unreleased music. dEVOLVE falls in the lane of Moombahton, Dancehall, Trap and Pop. 2017 has been good to dEVOLVE beyond this, his collaboration with Red Rat on “Higher” has now topped 15 million streams and climbing. dEVOLVE has plenty more he plans to release soon.

dEVOLVE on  Remixes:

“Monster’s original mix has been so well received, I couldn’t wait to get started on the remixes. Kameo brought a future bass trap flavor to his mix, while DJ Buddha picked up the pace with an afro-beat influenced mix of his own… It’s Halloween season and the Monster is released! Big up to Richie Loop for killing another track, this guy has been on fire collaborating with such a wide range of producers, he totally smashed Monster and now we have these new fire remixes to rock too”

Listen to the 3-pak remix below, courtesy of Soundcloud.


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