K Camp – One Way (Mixtape Trailer)


K Camp has entitled his next project “One Way” and is set to release on January 15th.

Con-Plex – Letters


Looking at the times we are living in Con-Plex was inspired to write this story to reflect how he feels on whats going in the world………..

“Sometimes they don’t see things the way we see things” being trapped in a world where even an assumption can lead to your death all we can do is keep our spirit in an watch each others back.

Bizz-E BlazE – What’s Patience


The Fourth Reich Ft Sirweah – 4th Floor


The Fourth Reich release the first single off their mixtape “The Chelsea Hotel”, featuring South Jersey native Sirweah on the hook as well as a dope feeling beat produced by Fourth Reich producer Cymatix, due out December 8th, 2014.

“The Chelsea Hotel” is a prequel to their album “Unnoticed Poets” due out 2015.

Montana of 300 Ft Dallas Eli – All I Ever Wanted


Sy Ari Da Kid – S.O.O.N (Mixtape Trailer)


As 2014 comes to a close, Sy Ari Da Kid decides to liberate the official trailer for his forthcoming mixtape S.O.O.N (Somethin Out Of Nothin), scheduled to drop 1.8.15.

Villz – Till The End Of Summer


Villz 1

J.Nolan – Shield of Faith



Scotty ATL – Five In The Mornin’


Scotty ATL’s buzz has been growing fast. Today he gets a boost by the release of this track which is set to be a bonus on the iTunes album release of “Spaghetti Junction” next week on December 2nd.

Berner – Thru



Ebedoz – Angel Love


Following the release of his recent single “Gangsta Solder, Toronto reggae-highlife inufusion artist Ebedoz has returned with another offering titled, “Angel Love”.

The self-produced single, which is the second release from his upcoming EP, embodies the strong signatures of a gospel song, while giving the voice of a love song.

Equipped with heavy electric guitar riffs and choir strings, “Angel Love” serves as ballad that speaks on the power of love and its ability to be ‘sent from the heavens above’.

Ebedoz’ self -titled EP is set to be released December 9th, 2014.

Raz Simone – Let It Go


Frank Ramz – BarXzam


DJ Dave Dolla Is back with another installment of his #BarXzam series.

This time he summons Bronx artist, Frank Ramz, to set things straight that Hip-Hop is still alive and well in the streets of New York. Be on the look out for more artist to try and pass their #BarXzam.

Tre’ Crowell – One Million Killas


At The Podium Single Art

X – 9:15 AM.


His latest release, titled 9:15 AM, is a real life-inspired tune about the racial struggles X faces at times.

With rhymes like “Why these muthaf*ckas starin’ at me/When they know they bleed the blood I bleed” and “All that watchin’ gets you snatched/Gets your wig pushed back if you focused on color,” it’s clear he’s taken aim at the unfairness in today’s culture.

Over some production from Mike Wavvs, Johnson strings together a pool of rhymes that talk about a very relevant topic given the recent verdict of the Mike Brown case.

Chron – Down


Chron is a 21-year-old Florida-based hip-hop recording artist. She began releasing her music independently in late 2012.

Her debut EP Maniac features 7 tracks with production from MAJOR LAZER, Alexander Spit, and several others. Check out Chron’s latest self-directed video “Down”.

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