Alex Beano – Because Its Summer Time (Beat Tape)



0:00 – Lucky Day

2:18 – 445 A.M

4:18 – Wave$$

9:25 – Gone ll /Skit

10:08 – Beach Keys

12:27 – Ocean View

14:27 – Home /Skit

SGULL – Zero Degreesº (Instrumental)


In the late portion of Spring, SGULL brought to us his debut album “Senoritis.” Consisting of 18 tracks, the Connecticut based producer brings his creative juices to the for-front. But why stop there? SGULL is known for his smooth layered samples and production that makes you just want to take a ride through a sunset or sunrise.

Defizit – Lend Me Your Ears (Beat Tape)



Sonny Digital – Good (Video)


Tom Delay Beats – Milk Money (Video)


Tom Delay Beats presents the creamy music video for “Milk Money”, the lead single from the Programming LP, available now on Brake Fast Records.

Ryan Stone – XXI (Beat Tape)



New Jersey/Philadelphia-based producer & rapper Ryan Stone releases his new instrumental hip-hop album, “XXI.”

Standing out as more than just a beat tape, “XXI” follows a concept and harkens a deeper meaning through instrumentals. Introspection, love, and life find their home on many of the tracks on this project.

“XXI” depicts an instrumental narrative of the main character going for a late night drive on his 21st birthday. Through highs and lows, twists and turns, listeners weave through thumping drums, soulful samples, and jazzy accents.

C.G. Productionz – Fly With Me (Instrumental)


As heard in the Baron Davis directed documentary film ‘The Drew: No Excuse Just Produce’, New Jersey based music producer C.G. of C.G. Productionz presents his original instrumental composition “Fly With Me”.

Sonny Digital: Talks Importance of respecting producers, levels of weed & More


This past week Lalaa got up close and personal with super producer Sonny Digital about his life and position in the music industry. Sonny Digital has produced many hit records such as Future’s “Same Damn Time”, “Covered In Money”, Makonnen’s “Tuesday”, “I Don’t Sell Molly No Mo”, 2 Chainz’ “Birthday Song”, Que’s “Young Nigga” and many more!

During the interview we discussed tattoos, comparisons to Wiz Khalifa, importance of respecting producers, levels of weed, starting a record label and much more! Sonny Digital revealed while why his tag was not on YC’s and Future’s smash record, “Racks”, something Sonny has never discussed publicly.

Sonny also described Hip Hop in Atlanta and the culture within the music. This includes strip clubs in Atlanta, the influence of Gucci Mane, and the future of Atlanta; the youth.

FlexBeato – BeatTape​(​RED)



TM88 – 88 Will Kill Bill (Instrumental)


TM88 drops the first leak from his upcoming visual album.

Chop Juggler – Diggasmic (Beat Tape)


From Athens, Greece 20 year old producer Chop Juggler has been making music since he was 13! This is his first time working with London netlabel Cult Classic Records.

‘Diggasmic’ is a mixture of up-beat sample based hip hop with soul and boom bap sounds!

Ryan Stone – Euphoria In Dystopia (Instrumental)



New Jersey/Philadelphia-based producer & rapper Ryan Stone releases the new song, “Euphoria In Dystopia.”

The instrumental holds on to soulful samples and heavy drums while tapping in to modern electronic influences. Figuratively, the song sets the tone for an adventure yet to come, a harbinger for a night out on the twenty-first birthday of the main character.

The song is set to appear on the concept-based instrumental project “XI,” due out June 26th, 2015 via Prohibition Records/Ven-You Entertainment.

AmbI Lyrics – The Question (Video)


With Erie vibes and Ambient sounds, female producer AmbI Lyrics gives an exploration of struggle and triumph, breaking monotony to discover something new with her second visual from her late Project, “Your Music.”

“The Question” was directed and shot by Nicole Otero and features guitarist from THEMpeople, Benny Hixon, and dancer Brooke Shepherd.

The Making of Dizzy Wright’s “Don’t Ever Forget” by Money Montage (Video)


Producer Money Montage runs through how he made this beat featured on Dizzy Wright’s album #TheGrowingProcess.

Ekayim – Twilight Is Ours EP (Beat Tape)


Ekayim - Twilight Is Ours (Artwork)

Ekayim from Tokyo, Japan teamed up with London based label Cult Classic Records for his debut EP Twilight Is Ours.

The sound is reminiscent of the early Japanese Hip Hip that relied heavily on Piano, Violin and Cello. Paying homage to the famous Japanese directors and sounds the accompany their works such as Ryuichi Sakamoto.

HOTC Presents: Oncore In The Lab (Video)


Gifted artists surface by the minute in a Chicago landscape overflowing with talent. Today, video production collective Heart of the City introduces you to Oncore through a new installment of its “In the Lab” series.

An adept producer and rapper, Oncore shows off his emotive hooks and hypnotic beats that help him stand out in a saturated drill scene. Oncore hails from Logan Square, and adds a distinct melodic sensibility to an otherwise simple formula.

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