Roger Beat – Beats N’ Drugs (Beat Tape)


After releasing a Gucci & Gleesh assisted single, Roger Beat drops his “Beays N’ Drugs” instrumental tape. As one of the hottest producers in D.C. struts his talents all over the web, he shows no signs of slowing down. Roger also shares a visual of his beat making process with the world.

HSVN Releases video for new song “Flooded To The Waist”


After the release of his cinematic remix of Coldplay’s “Midnight”, today HSVN releases his debut video for “Flooded To The Waist”. A bass-heavy track which contains a dark twisted visual by director Trey Wiggs.

Bijan Amir – The Catch Up EP (Beat Tape)



Toronto native, Bijan Amir delivers is ever so glorious “6” influenced instrumental tape. The Catch Up EP provides blaring wobbling base, simple yet effective sampling, & snares that obviously snap in your ear.

Amir show’s he is coming up in an extremely competitive city of talented producers & multitalented artist.

Aston Martin – Can I Live? (Instrumental)


Check out the homie Aston Martin latest beat which he produced for Mishka Records beat battle, he sampled “Eastern Travels” by iNEEDFACE, and it was made with big drums and lots of love. – Aston Martin

Raps&Hustles Exclusive: BES – Mercer [Instrumental]



The 20 year old Queens native BES is back with another dope instrumental, give it a listen and try to exercise your lyrical prowess.

Beatbakkers Beattape 5 (Beat Tape)


Beatbakkers Beattape 5 Front

Upcoming Producers is back with a brand new edition of the Beatbakkers Beattapes: The Beatbakkers Beattape Volume 5. This time with even more beats, even more talent, even more international. From Japan to Holland, from Korea to Belgium; producers all over the planet have been selected for this beattape release. Do you want to know what upcoming producers and beatmakers have made it on this years release?

Don’t wait any longer and download the Beatbakkers Beattape 5 via

Stream: Beatbakkers Beattape 5

01. Tatooine – Tie-Yaki (Japan)
02. Maitro – Boyz ‘N The Hood (Netherlands)
03. Zpu-Zilla – Never (Germany)
04. Revolt – I Have A Story (Poland)
05. DJ Proof – One Day (United States of America)
06. PS Recordz – Space Age (Netherlands)
07. 7even Sun – Dayafterday (France)
08. Phillipdrummond – Dust settles (United States of America)
09. Jawnson – Stay Silent (Netherlands)
10. Sherpa – Rollin (Switzerland)
11. Toma – Have Mercy (Belgium)
12. BambzProd – Rattrapages (France)
13. XXL Beats – G-Funk On Steroids (Netherlands)
14. Jay-En – My City (Finland)
15. Sensei Beatz – Así De Simple (Argentina)
16. Cise2 AKA Øde Soul – Gone With The Wind (Israel)
17. So Soulful – Two Souls (Netherlands)
18. Infiltrate – Windmills (United Kingdom)
19. Wauz Beats – Blue J (Suriname)
20. B-Tuck – Freak Me Baby (Korea)
21. Pheelin – Yung Minds (Netherlands)
22. Exkreevas Beatz – A Brand New Day (Mozambique)
23. Sacrebleu – Chilling at night (Netherlands)
24. Skoop – Cool Kick (Belgium)
25. Z.u.r.a. – Street (Georgia)
26. Nick Da Lunatic – Jordinair (Netherlands)
27. Zelfkweek – On My Way (Belgium)
28. LyMa Enterprise – Destination of Mars (Netherlands)
29. Johann Sebastian – Love (United States of America)
30. Sneak-E – Juicy Days (Netherlands)

Producer Indigo†† Is Ready For “War” In New Single



Hailing from the city of Hamilton, upcoming producer Indigo†† has been releasing a steady stream of promotional singles as he prepares to release a compilation mixtape this fall.

Indigo’s production style combines dark soundscapes with layered instrumentation, the new single “War” features label mate Dhamiri who flows intensely over the catchy string laced production.

Proclaiming he’s “Ready for War”, Dhamiri brings the aggression and energy of the record to life as he drops his signature grime influenced delivery. Dhamiri will also have a new mixtape due out this fall.

WoodysProduce – Mausoleum / Waiting to Exhale (Instrumentals)


Here are tracks 14 – 16 on WoodysProduce, “31album. (more…)

WoodysProduce – Muse / GG / La Muerta (Instrumentals)


Here are tracks 14 – 16 on WoodysProduce, “31” album. (more…)

WoodysProduce – The Darkside / Bel Air / Blu (Instrumentals)


Here are tracks 8 – 13 on WoodysProduce, “31” album. (more…)

James Fauntleroy – Mo’nin (Sur Jazz Bootleg) (Audio)



Sur Jazz’s Mo’nin’, a bootleg of James Fauntleroy’s “Mo’nin”, brings life to a song that bleeds through guitar riffs and smoothly sung harmonies.

While the original is for sure a love ballad, Sur Jazz’s version brings more rhythm by incorporating drums and some bounce to deliver a livelier experience fit for both sides of the #mood spectrum.

WoodysProduce – Mello / Grand Opera / PREYR / Current Sea (Instrumentals)


Here are tracks 7 – 10 on WoodysProduce, “31” album.

Raps & Hustles Exclusive: L’Camino & BES – PNK LGHTR (Instrumental)



For this exclusive, we reach out to Queens’ Producer, L’Camino for something new.

L’Camino teams up with a producer he’s been working with a lot recently, so he says. BES, also from Queens, is a 20-year old music producer. (who’s been working recently with L’Camino on Odali’s upcoming project make sure to check that out). The both of them give us, PNK LGHTR. This track brings all the chill vibes of the summer into one beat for the listeners to enjoy!

WoodysProduce – Cultured (Audio)


WoodysProduce – Angeles (Audio)


WoodysProduce – In The Air (Audio)


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