Coopatroop – Making the Beat: InTheWhip


Terracotta Blue – Good Morning


Terracotta Blue - Good Morning

JusDevin – Jeezy Flow



This midwest bred artist is coming through dropping his 1st solo release titled “Jeezy Flow”. JusDevin represents the Famly Business music collective from the 618/314 area around St.Louis. Jeezy Flow showcasing JusDevin’s witty wordplay and punches that you might have to rewind to catch at times.

This track is also produced,mixed and eigineered by JusDevin himself. He represents the triple threat that not many artists can pull off.

Hope you all enjoy this and we hope to hear from him again soon.

Serious Beats – Something About Mary Jane & Painkiller


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The frequently featured Serious Beats is back on Raps & Hustles today, with two new goodies for your listening pleasure.

DJ Pain 1: The Making of “We Are Strong”


Meech Mixes – KRK’s & 808′s


KRK's & 808's Official Mixtape Cover

Month two! It’s the middle of the month so as scheduled I present to you a beat mixtape! The name of this tape is called “KRK’s & 808′s.”

Of course the inspiration comes from Kanye West, probably one of the rappers/producers to do it, but the motivation for the tape came him and from all places this time around.

There’s a wide variety of beats on the tape that I think will hit every listener no matter what genre you listen to the most!

Majid Jordan – A Place Like This (King Faro Mix)


OVO’s very own Majid Jordan released his single “A Place Like This” earlier this month.

King Faro, a producer out of New Jersey, made it his business to add his own touch to the track. He gives the song more of a house music feel with fluid pop melodies and heart throbbing kicks.

FortuneWest – Old Friends EP



Old Friends EP is the third release by Philadelphia producer FortuneWest. All tracks created and mixed by FortuneWEST. Mastered by Pat Loundas. Artwork by J. Termini.

Part 2 – Would You Believe Me/Imaginary Girl




Got some new music from a young artist out of Newport News,Va. He goes by the name of Part 2 and he’s got a new song titled “Would You Believe Me/Imaginary Girl.

He also produced the track and the Jay Z sample is great in my opinion I hope to hear more from him soon and he’s only 17!!!!

JR Swiftz – Bruce Illroy



Producer, JR Swiftz by way of Virginia Beach, VA presents “Bruce Illroy”. It’s a 5 track instrumental project inspired by Berry Gordy’s 1980s classic film, “The Last Dragon”.

Arkutec – UNDS


Still behind the boards, the midwest beatsmith returns to drop an instrumental EP featuring 10 previously unreleased beats crafted from 2009 to present day.

DL: Arkutec – UNDS

CJB, Chris Dreamer & Souliv – CookSoulfulDreams


00 - CJB_Chris_Dreamer_Souliv_Cooksoulfuldreams-front-large

Upstreet Records Presents: CookSoulfulDreams, A FREE instrumental mixtape produced by CJB, Chris Dreamer & Souliv. The three young producers from Pittsburgh came together and created this work of art for many Hip Hop genres around the world to enjoy.

ALERT: Please Give Them Credit If You Want Use Their Productions.

DL: CJB, Chris Dreamer & Souliv – CookSoulfulDreams

Brilliance – Unusual Muzik



16 year-old music producer “Brilliance” releases his debut beat-tape “Unusual Muzik” for the hip-hop conscious people!

This project contains 12 custom tracks, which mold futuristic electronic sounds together with timeless hip hop, and feature insane collaborations with fellow Hip-Hop beat-maker and team member “SeriousBeats”.

This project contains various genres such as Electronic, Pop, Alternative, Rap, and more. Don’t miss out! This tape is assured to do damage from the streets to the record company board rooms! – Feel free to use these instrumentals for commercial use, and commercial use ONLY.

DL: Brilliance – Unusual Muzik

Tut-Piece – Cleopatra’s Needle


Tut-Piece is back with another instrumental project, which is a best of Tut-Piece beat tape. Check it out.

TMB Presents: Aretha The Beat Tape


Aretha Beat CD Cover

“Six months ago with an unused beat from Moteleola this whole journey begin. The beat had been kicking around and then a lightbulb went off above my head and for the last six months I’ve been piecing this whole thing together.

Finally I’m able to give you the incredible Aretha Franklin sample driven beat tape featuring some of my favorite beat makers from the US and UK. Shouts to those talented dudes that helped bring the vision to life. Sit back, hit play and enjoy it. This is Aretha, The Beat Tape. Chea!” – ThroatChopU

Brilliance – Unusual Muzik (Artwork)



Get ready for Brilliance’s instrumental massacre to drop July 6th.

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