The Making of Dizzy Wright’s “Don’t Ever Forget” by Money Montage (Video)


Producer Money Montage runs through how he made this beat featured on Dizzy Wright’s album #TheGrowingProcess.

Ekayim – Twilight Is Ours EP (Beat Tape)


Ekayim - Twilight Is Ours (Artwork)

Ekayim from Tokyo, Japan teamed up with London based label Cult Classic Records for his debut EP Twilight Is Ours.

The sound is reminiscent of the early Japanese Hip Hip that relied heavily on Piano, Violin and Cello. Paying homage to the famous Japanese directors and sounds the accompany their works such as Ryuichi Sakamoto.

HOTC Presents: Oncore In The Lab (Video)


Gifted artists surface by the minute in a Chicago landscape overflowing with talent. Today, video production collective Heart of the City introduces you to Oncore through a new installment of its “In the Lab” series.

An adept producer and rapper, Oncore shows off his emotive hooks and hypnotic beats that help him stand out in a saturated drill scene. Oncore hails from Logan Square, and adds a distinct melodic sensibility to an otherwise simple formula.

BOROVICCI – Crinack (Instrumental)



Check out this new release from Borovicci entitled “Crinack”. A hard hitting 808 banger any fan of production can appreciate.

L’indecis – Celeste (Beat Tape)



Mr. Hong – Colors EP (Beat Tape)



This is 19 year old Californian native, Mr. Hong’s debut EP with London based label Cult Classic Records.

Phenom – The Truth (Beat Tape)


A new project from the beat-smith Phenom!

DJ MoneyGreen – Roll Up,Get High (Beat Tape)



Nashville,Tennessee- Hip-Hop and R&B music producer DJ MoneyGreen announces the release of his first beat tape, Roll Up, Get High. Roll Up, Get High contains ten new instrumentals from the up and coming producer and showcases his Southern style of Hip-Hop and R&B music.

“I wanted to put some of my production work together to create a cohesive body of work that illustrates my diversity, yet personal style as a producer ” said DJ MoneyGreen. “Just like a rapper, each producer has their signature sound and style.”

Roll Up, Get High features a mixture of hype beats with hard hitting 808s, a signature in the South that are appropriately named after strains of sativa cannabis, along with his more mellow and smooth R&B beats named after different strains of indica cannabis.

J1K – The Vault Vol. 2 (Beat Tape)



Producers United captain J1K (Maryland) has accumulated over 1.3 million listens on SoundCloud alone, and been featured on a plethora of notable blogs. His latest FREE beat tape “The Vault Vol.2″ exemplifies exactly why.

The smooth sampled productions will have you lost in a journey, and kicking yourself for not having discovered his work earlier. His fans have described it as perfect theme music whether you are trying to relax at work, have a romantic evening, or drop a quick freestyle.

This is the 2nd volume in a 3-part series of his best instrumentals. Grab the collection on Bandcamp, before download credits run out.

Artists have an opportunity to win $100 for creating the best track over a J1K beat from his new tape. A few MCs have already entered. Simply use “J1K Contest” as your main tag when uploading it to SoundCloud and you are eligible to win. Contest ends April 30th. The winner will also get their track promoted for free by Producers United.

Beatsofreen – Deliverance (Instrumental)



After being silent for a few months, Dutch producer Beatsofreen returns with a new single release entitled ‘Deliverance’. It appeared to be silence with a reason: recently he finished his forthcoming EP ‘Dimensions’, being released on the electronic music label Darker Than Wax.

In the meantime, Beatsofreen’s upcoming full length debut album ‘Full Circle’ has been done as well: a project he has been working on for more than four years.

The new single ‘Deliverance’ really stands on it’s own. It’s an uptempo, organic piece of music, built around deep chord progressions while leaving the structure intact. ‘Deliverance’ can be seen as a result of finding inspiration in freedom again. It stands for liberation from boundaries, taking new directions.

The forthcoming Dimensions EP will be out May 4 on Darker Than Wax.

Stan Forebee – Alone Together (Instrumental)


Tike Myson – Shaking My Dreads (Crime Mob Flip)


Tike Myson, French beatmaker, member of Chillin Project, releases a new track “Shaking My Dreads”.

For this track, Tike Myson was influenced by Crime Mob’s spirit. Beyond the dark atmosphere, a jazz sound, in background, spreads all the track while vocals from Crime Mob, “Knuck If You Buck” sticks to the beat.

Pat Van Dyke – Whitewalls (Instrumental)


Pat Van Dyke is the newest member of the Jakarta family. He’s a multi instrumentalist from new york, His album “Right on time” will drop on the 17th of April. Check out a first teaser.

Worldwide – Beats N Sweets (Beat Tape)



Coming off of his recent appearances with artists like B.Dolan and Dowrong of the LOEGz, San Antonio’s own Worldwide continues dropping new music with a new beat tape.

Entitled “Beats N Sweets,” the EP gives a taster of Worldwide’s southern style as he prepares for his official showcase performances at SXSW 2015.

Clouded Kings Productions – COOL (Beat Tape)


Don’t wait until the budding young Chicago emcee and hip hop producer PHIL, who produces under the name Clouded Kings, starts gaining well-deserved notoriety before you decide you want to do work with him, because by then it might be too late.

PHIL is the sole producer for and proprietor of Clouded Kings Productions. He effortlessly blends jazz influences into hip-hop productions creating a mellow, nostalgic and atmospheric sound.

From unexpected takes on classics through innovative sampling to brand new originals destined to become classics, artists should be prepared to get creative when they purchase a Clouded Kings production.

Genius Klub – #BeatTape Vol.2 (Instrumentals)


#BeatTape 2 FRONT

Genius Klub keeps the madness coming with the 2nd installment to their #BeatTape series.

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