Young Buck – 10 Bricks (Mixtape)



DL: Young Buck – 10 Bricks

Kevin Gates – Murder For Hire (EP)



DL: Kevin Gates – Murder For Hire

Nick Danielz – ILLERNOISE (Mixtape)



Duke Da Beast – YTS 2 (Mixtape)


Clay James – Feature Presentation (Mixtape)



Clay James decides to treat his fans & gives us a new mixtape titled “Feature Presentation.” This mixtape comes with 17 tracks that carry some of his best features & give us a breakdown of his Southern Playa style.

Norman Dean – Happy Birthday (EP)



Pittsburgh artist Norman Dean gifts fans and listeners with a special release in celebration of his 21st birthday, titled “Happy Birthday”. The seven track EP features some of his close frequent contributors Sovren, Franchise, JKJ, Palermo Stone, Joel Kellem, & SpaceJam Jiff along with production from Chris Dreamer, Cicco, Nate Kodi, & himself.

The progression is more than obvious from his previous effort, 2013′s “Hippy High” mixtape to his new “Happy Birthday” EP. As he continues to engineer and produce for himself, Norman is developing a sound unique to his artistry.

Fabolous – Friday Night Freestyles (Mixtape)



DL: Fabolous – Friday Night Freestyles

Young Jeezy – Gangsta Party (Mixtape)



DL: Young Jeezy – Gangsta Party

Deebs & Jarell Perry – Shift EP



Time No Place/Kompakt Records is pleased to release the latest from Deebs & Jarell Perry. The Shift EP’s off­kilter R&B comes cloaked in druggy atmosphere, the stasis of heartache, and entrancing rhythmic workouts.

It’s not an uncommon story for two artists who’ve never met to collaborate, trade tracks, and make something great – however, rarely does it come together so quickly (just a few days) as such of a fully­formed sound. Toronto’s Deebs and LA singer Jarell Perry’s new recording project does ­fusing trip­hop’s narcotic bounce with woozy modern soul.

Focused on nailing the moody hue, Perry’s delivery interestingly often eschews hooks in favor of arrangements that ride the tension of Deebs’ minimal, meticulous framework. The resulting gems reveal their carefully crafted genius slowly.

Bryan Harper – Cold Nights: The Untold Stories Vol.1 (Mixtape)



From Inland Empire, CA, Bryan Harper releases his anticipated debut mixtape ‘Cold Nights: The Untold Stories Vol.1′. Throughout the tape he shares his thoughts on everything from police brutality to his childhood memories. He also goes in detail on his times being arrested and his strong, tough love relationship with his mother.

Bryan gained a lot of momentum with his first single ‘Drunk Man Sober Thoughts’ which gained 12k views thus far. He hopes to grab your attention with his storytelling lyrics and unique rapping style.

Fredo Santana – Aint No Money Like Trap Money (Mixtape)



DL: Fredo Santana – Aint No Money Like Trap Money

King Louie – Drilluminati 3 (God Of Drill) (Mixtape)



DL: King Louie – Drilluminati 3 (God Of Drill)

LEGENDVRY – Trap Art (Album)



Today Oakland native LEGENDVRY of CaliMade Collective is proud to announce the release of his highly anticipated full length album “Trap Art”.

The project serves as an introspective narrative of his attempt to conquer the trials, tribulations and duality associated with growing up in the streets of North Oakland California, ultimately using those experiences to convey messages of growth and attaining success through the art form of music.

LEGENDVRY gives us an inside look on these experiences where he uses gritty vocal projection and aggressive rhyme schemes to enhance the listener’s visualization of his storytelling of on standout tracks like Where I Come From, Trap x Vision and Drank x INDO among others.

Billionaire Black – Out The Blue (Mixtape)



DL: Billionaire Black – Out The Blue

Original Dope Crew – Living Live (EP)


LivingLive Cover

“Living Live” is Original Dope Crew’s second EP. There are live recordings throughout the EP from shows performed down in North Carolina all the way up to NYC.

The EP consists of 3 records, all brand new and exclusive to this project. Production from the duo’s own, RiccDogg.

Donny Goines – Gala (EP)


In celebration of my new company, Ambitious Ventures and my birthday I’ve decided to release a new EP titled “Gala”. This project is very special to me for several reasons and I hope you enjoy it. – Donny Goines

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