Waka Flocka – Salute Me Or Shoot Me 5 (Mixtape)



K Major – Category V (Mixtape)



DLK Major – Category V

Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign – Talk About It In The Morning EP



Boosie Badazz – Every Ghetto, Every City (Mixtape)



DL: Boosie Badazz – Every Ghetto, Every City

Shad Ali – The Speaquinox (Mixtape)


The third studio release entitlted, ‘The Speaquinox’ finds Shad displaying his growth as an artist over a medley of eccletic backdrops, in addition to celebrating his 28th birthday, which is also the first day of the Spring Equinox.

This project features fellow Pittsburgh artists Mars Jackson, Hubbs, C.H.R.I.S., Rena’ Alexis, Kid Sugoi, Goldsmith, & Jeremiah Marcel.

Original production from Chuck Yayger, Dru Tang, J Card, Yellah Beats, HP Productions, Floyd, Rawn Of Kagani, Audio Mob, Naps The Lionman, NegiumBeats, and Hpnotic.

Cherub Satori – Livin Like I Made It (EP)



Milwaukee native Cherub Satori released his new EP “Livin’ Like I Made It” this week. Despite it being a short project the collection is powerful and creative.

Cherub uniquely attempts to bring listeners into a “law of attraction” type of thought process; every song having a solid hook with either a robust autotune or a new age cadence.

This tape has production between Veeto Brown, Bayse, and Majei Vu & Meza Musik.

DL: Cherub Satori – Livin Like I Made It

Relz – The Aurora Full Demo Tape


Following the successful release of his debut single “Call You Badd” Relz (1/4 of Covernant Government) has returned with the release of his new demo tape.

Relz has released his collaboration-stacked new demo tape, “The Aurora” in hopes to showcase his diversity.

It features Xtra, Young Scoop, Ruth Willow, Mia Hunt, and Intelligenz amongst others. Download it via BandCamp. Relz is set to release his highly anticipated EP “Beautiful Dreamer: The Beach Boys” mid July 2015.

In addition visuals are set to follow “The Aurora” demo tape. Dates are to be announced at a later date.


1. Intro
2. Toast Up
3. The Love Joint [ft. Xtra & Young Scoop]
4. Marvelous [ft. Ruth Willow]
5. Call You Badd
6. Summer (Peace King) [ft. Xtra]
7. Let Me Zone
8. Rose Petals [ft. Mia Hunt]
9. Open Your Eyes [ft. Young Scoop]
10. Panamera Freestyle [ft. Intelligenz]

The Arts – Rock$tar (Mixtape)



DL: The Arts – Rock$tar

Chippass – Chippass Jones 2 (Mixtape)


​​Chippass ​of the NhT Boyz ​releases ​his second installment to the Chippass Jones series. Chippass Jones 2 definitely picks up where the last project left off.

Its full of head snapping beats and potent, witty lyrics. Chippass proves once again that he’s a star with this one!

Soheex – The Revenge (Mixtape)



Through out the project the Bronx native, portrays his struggles with an honest clarity and gives his vision of what his future will hold.

Stand out tracks are the lead single – “The Bucket List” along with “The Oath” and “On Our Way.”

Que – The Sixth Man (Mixtape)



DL: Que – The Sixth Man

Trevor Daniel – BLOOM (EP)



Houston artist Trevor Daniel is back with the release of “BLOOM” his newest three-drop project, each drop including three songs each.

He wants this project to get the recognition he feels it deserves, and by splitting it in to three different drops he’s adapting to the attention span of most listeners.

The writing on this project is mostly in 2nd person because he wants to relate with listeners with his actual thought process, as opposed to the cliché, “pulling tons of hoes at a club/party” sound.

Moving in the direction of a pop influenced sound, He says this project is all about finding him self, and developing his own image and Blooming as an individual.

G’Bars – Weeknd Behind Bars (EP)



As many await the release of his debut Heart & Soul album this summer. Out of no where G’Bars drops a surprise EP collaborating with The Weeknd entitled “Weeknd Behind Bars”.

Although it seemed to be a spontaneous release the project is clever, deep, & very well put together. The 22 year old Cleveland recording artist is best known for his real life rhymes & emotional rhymes.

CoffeeBoyz (X! & Mark Fury) – FTB (EP)



Here’s the highly anticipated EP from the Coffee Boyz (Mark Fury & X!) FTB. This EP has more of a romantic feel to it, specifically for the ladies by discussing situations in previous relationships.

These two artist reflect on a couple of different heartaches and cherished memories with previous women.

Future – 56 Nights (Mixtape)



DL: Future – 56 Nights

404Will – Memoirs of a Don (Mixtape)



The young buzzing Atlanta artist 404WILL finally delivers his long awaited debut mixtape, “Memoirs of a Don”.

404 enlists the help of FGE members Retro and Belle, and the Atlanta “Hoe In You” rapper, Royce Rizzy on the tape. “Memoirs of a Don” starts with the bars “I had to dead my rivals…” letting us know that the young emcee isn’t playing on this one.

The tape showcases his versatility. Switching from the artist’s turn up hit “BUSTIN”, to a more heartfelt and government conscious “Amerikkka”.

404 used a good deal of intricate wordplay and lyricism on this one, but found a way to still mesh a southern sound into the mix. “Memoirs of a Don” should definitely put 404WILL right where he wants to be.

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