X! – Blackout (EP)


Blackouts are usually never fun but in social dry today when most blackout occur from having a good time X! puts out music that was influenced by days when he did once blackout for fun or atleast had fun until he blacked out.

This Project is packed with hard hitting songs with darker textures and heavy bass.

KaeB – The Difference (Mixtape)


Toronto native drops his new project “The Difference”.

Ryan Messiah – Before The Tour (EP)


Los Angeles has been on a consistent rise with new music from every direction and every kind of artist. Word has it that Ryan Messiah, aspiring hip-hop recording artist, has presented the masses with a whole new sound.

Before The Tour EP is a collection of hip-hop records full of astonishing lyrics layered and synced under hard knocking beats. With the help from his brother “Cruise” behind the mixing and engineering, Before The Tour EP is a clear and crispy project from start to finish.

Hot Peez – White Hall (Mixtape)



Billy BanGer – From Me To You (With Love) (EP)



Jumping on the latest trend in Hip Hop Ghanaian based rapper Billy BanGer drops a 5 track surprise EP titled #FromMeToYouWithLove.

The EP touches on BanGer’s admiration for weed, living with his grandma, life in Madina, his gang (#VDGNG), and love. The EP is entirely produced by Canadian beat smith Talen Ted with features from Akan and KonCept.

Doeman – $TEREO TYPE$ (Mixtape)



$TEREOTYPE$, the highly anticipated collab from Houston natives Doeman and producer Trakksounds is finally here.

$TEREOTYPE$ includes features from Devin The Dude, Scotty ATL and two tracks produced by Grammy winning, multi-platinum producer Happy Perez.

RIO – Trying To Be Human (Mixtape)


After releasing multiple singles, “Trying To Be Human,” is finally here. Utilizing Portland producer, G_Force’s beats, RIO describes his life in the Windy City. The 11 track project shows RIO’s range of experiences from a “Weekend At Arnie’s” to trying to push the envelope and take things “Higher.”

DL: RIO – Trying To Be Human

Young Dolph – High Class Street Music 5 (The Plug Best Friend) (Mixtape)



DL: Young Dolph – High Class Street Music 5 (The Plug Best Friend)

Problem – OT: Outta Town (Mixtape)



DL: Problem – OT: Outta Town

Johnny May Cash – My Last Days (Mixtape)


DL: Johnny May Cash – My Last Days

Ohini Jonez – Crown (EP)


This is the motto Ohini Jonez lives by. While the Brunswick, GA native prepares the follow up for 2014′s well received Love Underground, 9 MM Cupid, he decided to drop a surprise for his supporters.

The result is a snap shot of the next phase in Ohini’s artistic evolution; the sharp cultural criticism of “MyIntroToLetYouKnow”, the vicious wit of “Crane Style Kung Fu”, along with the deep reflection of Young Ali and A Teenage Love display this producer/MC’s diverse taste and skills.

Fresha & Josh LeBang – Magic Box (EP)



Miami rap artists, “Fresha” & “Josh LeBang”, deliver a collaborative body of sounds by the name of “Magic Box”. These two young emcees have been building awareness as a duo for the past few months through various shows and singles.

The title of the EP stems from the idea that television is used as a method of brainwashing the masses.

Johnny Cinco – I Swear (Mixtape)


DL: Johnny Cinco – I Swear

Klassik – SPRING EP


SPRING. The season of rebirth and rejuvenation, SPRING represents new life. Within the artistic cycle, it is the moment when new perspectives are introduced, and raw inspiration and creative purpose blossom.

The SPRING EP embodies this revitalized spirit through more rapid fire wordplay and accelerated tempos that work vigorously to shake the frost of WINTER. No longer defeated by the gloom of gray skies and snow storms, SPRING brings forth a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

Lonny X – February EP


ILLZED ® SOUND artist, Lonny X, who hails from Connecticut releases a surprise EP in partnership with his own label, Lazy Boy Records, yesterday called February.

It features 3 tracks, including the popular single ‘U’ that was released back in October as well as 2 previously unheard of songs.

Rocko – Expect The Unexpected (Mixtape)



DL: Rocko – Expect The Unexpected

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