Lo Thraxx – Deep Waters



Lo Thraxx of the Bakers Club delivers his “Deep Waters” tape as a prequel to or as he describes lay up drills before his awaited “$harkans$” project which is due out 10.1.14.

Frenchie – Fukk Fame



DL: Frenchie – Fukk Fame

Yung Gleesh – Cleansides Finest 3


DL: Yung Gleesh – Cleansides Finest 3

Amarae’ – Sessions



Nedlog Era presents Amarae’s debut album “Sessions”. The perfect blend of lyrics and production, Including production from Spivey, Chickalo, and Amarae’ himself.

This is the 3rd solo release from the Nedlog Era camp, and serves to bring talent from DeKalb county to the forefront.

DL: Amarae’ – Sessions

Jay-Walk – Florida Hierarchy



Amir Driver – Til Next Summer



Having premiered it via. his site www.amirdriver.com for 24 hours, Amir Driver and DFG Global present his latest full length project, “Til Next Summer”.

With production from J. Clyde, Popido, B!nk Dawg and more, it’s the perfect way to close out your summer.

Supreme Ace – Champion



DL: Supreme Ace – Champion

Jody Duff – Mulatto



DL: Jody Duff – Mulatto / Link 2

Palermo Stone – The 2nd Coming



In myth and legend, good has battled evil for as long as we can remember. In today’s world we are exposed daily to the positive and the negative. And internally, each of us struggle as our light clashes our darkness. Pittsburgh’s Palermo Stone captures this universal conflict on “The 2nd Coming,” his fourth studio album.

Written by uniquely pitting his angels versus his demons, Stone brings listeners into his world as he squares with the necessary evils of life to find the greater good.

Recorded exclusively at MCM Studios and featuring production from Hitt of MCM, Big Andy, Hunnit Andretti, Clyde Strokes, Ken Ken KillT iT, Croup, NDS, Freeze on the Track, Goonie Noise and other talented musicians, “The 2nd Coming” showcases a wide variety of musical styles, wrapped up in a neat conceptual bow that aims to find a connection with each listener it reaches.

AJ Suede – Gold and Fire


Gold and Fire

AJ Suede has returned again. After being locked in front of a computer for 2 years, the FreeMINDS Collective has emerged victorious…once again. With 5 music videos leading to this moment, we are proud to present “Gold and Fire”.

The age-old story of greed and its consequences; the 2nd of the “Golden Element Quadrilogy” and the sequel to “Gold and Water”. The previous story told of a struggle between what you want and what you need, this story teaches that every greedy action has an equal reaction.

He’s called upon Swag Toof, ISSUE, Andre Martel, Supa Sortahuman, Jared Martin, Gerdie the Goddess, Teck, Joey Shinobi and Gxld Slvgs (In order of appearance) to tell this story. AJ Suede produces every track.

Tracks 4 and 5 include co production from Bugz Ronin. The bulk of the project was recorded and mixed at Lower Level Studios by Raw Qwality.

The standard edition of the album contains 12 tracks while the deluxe edition contains 5 bonus tracks.

DL: AJ Suede – Gold and Fire

FBG Duck & Billionaire Black – Clout Life


Clout Front



In time for the approaching fall, ’97 Yacht Club’s own Ralph V. releases a new project titled SWEATERS.

This EP has 5 self-produced tracks, each showcasing his versatility and ability to push the envelope.

KR – I$0Lyf3 3



Bones – Skinny



HeartBreak Mellz – Heart Of A Champion



PaperHouse Ent and The InCrowd present their Heart Of A Champion. The sophomore project (following hisCaught In The Life EP) by Brooklyn’s HeartBreak Mellz includes features from many artists including Da YoungFellaz and SisterHood Of Hip Hop’s very own NY emcee, Nyemiah Supreme.

DL: HeartBreak Mellz – Heart Of A Champion

Chi. Stone & Bem – New Track City The EP


The first EP from New Track City’s own Bem and Chi. Stone, New Track City the EP is a blend of deep/witty lyrics and unique production. The song content along with beat choice makes this project a guaranteed standout from what people have become accustomed to hearing.

Not only will you be reciting the chorus’ but you will also be captivated by the story behind each song. There is no doubt that this is definitely a must hear for 2014.

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