Fabulist – Bad Man


BadMan05 copy

Dabin – Bloodless LP


Canadian producer Dabin’s latest EP, Bloodless, is a landmark release featuring a host of talented collaborators and remixers.

A musical exploration of the ups and downs of relationships, Bloodless switches constantly between moments of intimate warmth and blaring intensity, taking cues from several genres of electronic music.

Throughout the EP, Dabin paints vivid emotional pictures through rich melodies and lush sonic textures, while still maintaining dance-floor appeal.

JoeyG. – Zooted (Dark House Remix)


Today the Brooklyn-based artist, JOEYG. releases the Dark House Remix for his latest single “Zooted”. The EDM inspired track is produced by The HUMANAUT’s in-house producer FrankeL (Finally, FYPM, Pockets on Guerillas).

The electro-house beat mixed with the wild house-rattling bass will be sure leave every music fan desiring more.

Sir Sly – You Haunt Me (RAEKO Remix)



BASECAMP – Shudder


This past August, fast rising trio BASECAMP revealed new single “Shudder.”Boasting over 150,000 plays since the original went live and a selection of dance floor ready remixes from Goodnight Cody, Howie Lee, GXNXVS and Twinztrack, “Shudder” gets the visual treatment today.

Directed by Dylan Reyes and produced by Clay Howard, the video serves as the perfect accompaniment to the electro infused R’n'B jam, bringing to life the track’s artwork in a rare fashion.

Apashe – Good Bye


Apashe’s new single “Good Bye” starts off with a smouldering piano and horn melody. Vocal snippets carry the track into a horn-heavy drop that packs a serious wallop.

A soft interlude follows, filled with synth arpeggios. The second drop discards the half-time beat for a mental 4/4 flurry of booming kicks and brass.

Jupiter Gordon – Party


We’re proud to welcome Jupiter Gordon, the house superhero on Monochrome. His tracks “Party”, “Lights” and “Nighter” shows all in what we trust in : some sincere, melodic and groovy house music!

Bowts – Recur


Here is the Debut track for Bowts, and it’s for Free! After a while in the studio, Bowts has finally decided to share his long series of Free Tracks with the world, and he hope you will take part of his adventure!

Charli XCX – Break The Rules (Sava&Razz Remix)



Sava&Razz are back with a progressive house remix of Charli XCX’s pop hit “Break The Rules”. This track adds a dose of energy to Charli’s anthemic pop hook as well as a progressive drop fit for clubs.

Prozak Morris – The Cavern Of Solitude


Join Prozak Morris as he takes us on the journey through cerebral synapse with an original approach to Experimental / Electronic music.

Nadus – Nxwxrk (Moduloktopus Rewxrk)


With all the love and support fans have given me, I wish to Honor back @Nadus for being a creative madman for this and many of his songs. – Moduloktopus

Retro Lockers – It’s You


After releasing ” Pool ” and ” Smile To Me ” with Aron Scott, Tom Nyl is back on Monochrome with a new project called Retro Lockers.

This 3 tracks EP is directly inspired by the indie dance and the new disco of the 80′s.

Red Traces – Spectre


Spectre, the latest opus from Red Traces rages with sonic violence.

BeeJ – Genesis


Pop Rox Muzik strikes again with another youthful signing in the shape of 19-year-old BeeJ – a Seattle based up and comer with an appetite for classy keys, uplifting melodies and memorable synths that look back at more traditional Progressive House and Trance styles.

Rather than the expected all out bass-driven workouts that have taken over in the last couple years – BeeJ is looking beyond the trend and working on a sound that’s a little less hard on the ears.

Far Too Loud & Electrixx – Let’s Rock (Live Footage)


Necious & Sebastian Cinco – Damn Son!


Mexican up and comer Necious teams up with fellow countryman Sebastian Cinco for the release of their collaborative effort ‘Damn Son!’ – a big and bold Electro House number that shows off the pair’s impressive studio skills.

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