Bobby Shmurda: Hot Or Flop?



We’ve seen this hype on numerous occasions in the music industry. Here is a list of names of artists to give you a better grasp of what we’re getting at. Whether it was a Soulja Boy, a Lil B, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, A$AP MOB, Kreayshawn, or a Chief Keef, only some have actually transitioned into a successful mainstream career. As the industry ages, artists must continuously adapt to new methods and sounds. With the new rapid sharing internet age, we’ve seen more internet sensations than ever before. 


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to our topic Bobby Shmurda. If you haven’t heard this name or seen the “Hot Nigga” video, you are likely to any day now. Bobby Shmurda unknowingly uploaded the freestyle that would bring him his shot at a possible music career. Bobby chose to rap over the Lloyd Banks track ‘Jackpot’ produced by Jahlil Beats. The combination of his ‘Shmoney Dance’ and song has taken the internet by storm. He is a 20 year old who just recently decided to take a chance on rapping. Raised in the streets of Brooklyn, Shmurda displays a reckless lifestyle. Which some have said had a very similar sound and behavior to the buzzing “Chiraq” drill music style.  (more…)

Dude with No Name – Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong art

The lead single from Dude with No Name’s upcoming album Other which is due to release 7/25/14, “Donkey Kong” bears his misfortune about the game of relationships and the loose grip it presents.

This is obviously a track everyone can identify with as Dude tells his tale of the motions we all go through, the heartache and the denial.

The beat in this song is produced by A.D.D. Beats.

Recap: Shady Records bring you Total Slaughter



The stage setup was unlike any battle rap stage we’ve seen. It looked like a small Mtv or VH1 event. 

Sway and DJ KaySlay were hosting on stage. Ebro and Royce Da 5’9 were sitting in the upper level. 

A few celebrity attendees:

UFC fighter, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Mistah Fab,

Kid Capri, Star from Star & Bucwild,  Fab 5 Freddy, and Victor Cruz

Crowd atmosphere: You could tell certain fans came for specific battlers, but overall it seemed like a fair crowd. 

Pay per view: Many online buyers were upset due to the site crash. The InDemand outlet could not accommodate the capacity of buyers. They are now giving refunds including a free view of this event. Let’s hope these leagues find solutions to the problems deterring their business. 

First battle of the night (more…)

Preview: Shady Records bring you Total Slaughter




Location: Hammerstein Ballroom - 311 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

Date and time: July 12th 2014 8PM EST

Pay per view:

After the madness caused by the Smack/URLTV Summer Madness 3 event (no pun intended), the battle rap scene has seen major progress. Since then, it has gained the attention of A list celebrities such as Eminem, Jadakiss, Paul George, Tyrese, and Jay-Z just to name a few. The leagues in the forefront of battle rap have done an impressive job on building from that momentum. The most notable event afterwards would be the UW (U DUBB) High Stakes event with their much talked about main battle being Hollow Da Don vs Loaded Lux. 


The rising culture of battle rap has not only caught the attention of Eminem and Slaughterhouse, but also has caused them to take part in helping the elevation. Shady Records has teamed up with FUSE and Watchloud to bring you their Total Slaughter event. This event has a short lineup, but has legendary battles to make up for it. When battle rap was overlooked, fans never could’ve fathomed the day an industry artist would step in the ring. Nor could they have imagined the day Eminem would put together an event for the culture. 


Total Slaughter will be nothing short of ground breaking, regardless of the performances. Although KOTD and UW have introduced pay per view, Shady Records is taking it to the next level by being the first to give fans the luxury of watching battle rap on live tv pay per view. On demand replay on tv will also be available July 13th. Whether you’re a die hard fan or simply someone who is wondering what all the buzz is about, this is the event to watch. 


Now a look into the battlers.. (more…)

Dutch New York to Become 100GrandRoyce



Aaron Cost, the spokesperson for Dutch New York announced this week via Instagram that he will officially be changing his name to 100GrandRoyce as of 7/1/2014.

Royce explained that the new name would reflect the evolving focus and standards of his music and brand adding, “The name change will make it easier for my fans new and old to get acquainted with me, and my sound, as I reinvent on new projects.”

As “Dutch New York”, Royce dropped numerous mixtapes, and was a part of Dame Grease’s Wave Gang imprint. As he expanded in music, including numerous guest appearances and shows, he is well on his way to becoming a successful independent artist in this musical climate.

There is no indication yet of whether this will be the only change to 100GrandRoyce’s image or just the first of many. Reps are firm in stating that the message and story will stay the same. Fans and artists alike are optimistic about the name change.

“The name change is going to bring about a whole new wave of music and sounds that I haven’t explored… It’s only a small part of my aspirations.”

Guru Treaty – Juice


The talented music collective, Guru Treaty, delivers the second single off their highly anticipated compilation project Gold Caskets.

This new single delivers verses from Cam Major & Hendrix The Engineer, verse and production from Eric Young, and background vocals by Malcolm Jabriel.

Migos Involed In a Shooting That Leads To Fans Death


Gwinnett County investigators say they worry violence that happened two weeks ago could just be the start of an ongoing feud. Police told Channel 2′s Tony Thomas it centers around a group called “The Migos” and their Rival “2G.” Investigators say all their talk of violence is becoming a reality and is behind the June 11 murder of one of their fans.

Paris Brown was gunned down outside a Venture Drive  Quality Inn when two men opened fire. “He was just a supporter of the rap group Migos and essentially caught a stray bullet,” Cpl. Deon Washington said. Migos member Kiara Cephus was at the location and believed to be the intended target.

Washington said he questioned Cephus about the murder, but Cephus appeared more interested in keeping his street cred than helping police solve the murder of one of his fans. “We know he was there, however he would not cooperate with the police investigation,” Washington said.

In surveillance footage, two men can be seen walking down a corridor carrying guns. They disappeared for about 10 seconds and police say that’s when the murder occurred. Then they ran back, still shooting. “Very casually as if this is a game and a big joke, but it’s not because someone lost their life,” Washington said.

“Obviously there’s a difference between entertainment, which is what these guys are affiliated with, and real-life violence and crime.” Cephus has not been charged but one man has. Police have identified one of the men as Cory Marzette. He’s a known affiliate of the rival rap group 2G. Police believe 2G is behind the murder.

Authorities have yet to identify the second gunman in the surveillance video. Police told Thomas that they fear this battle has been going on for about six months with various flare ups around the county. “We want to end this as quickly as we can,” Washington said.

Via: wsbtv

OTF NuNu Shot & Killed @ South Side Mall Parking Lot



A 21-year-old man was killed this afternoon as he sat in a vehicle in the parking lot of a South Side shopping mall, officials said.

The shooting happened at 3:19 p.m. on the 700 block of East 87th Street, according to police and fire officials.

Witnesses said the crime scene is at the Chatham Village Square mall at Cottage Grove and 87th Street.

Police News Affairs Officer Stacey Cooper said the victim was inside his SUV when someone walked up to him and began shooting. The man sustained multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

After the shooting, the victim appeared to try and flee from he shooting but crashed into a store, causing the store’s front window to buckle.

A woman who did not give her name said she was shopping at an AT&T store when she heard multiple loud gunshots.

In addition to that shooting, a 25-year-old man was wounded on the 8500 block of South Marquette Road, said Cooper.

The shooting happened at 4:14 p.m. and left the man with a gunshot wound to his back. He was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition, Cooper said.

Via: CT

WOGZ Ft Henny B – Love & Commerce



This is the first track from Chicago rapper-producer-violinist WOGZ in almost a year. Produced by WOGZ, the record also contains a rare feature from Chicago artist Henny B.

Delving into the ins and outs of mixing business with pleasure, “Love & Commerce” is also a bigger metaphor for relationships within music itself, and also very smooth.

Henny B’s EP Breathe Again is out now! Be on the lookout this summer for WOGZ’s mixtape, Round Midnight Mixtape via

Element Rhymes – Highway Hypnosis


Element Rhymes is back detailing the journey of success on “Highway Hypnosis” produced by Canis Major.

Wiz Khalifa – Ziplocc


New freestyle from Wiz.

Josh LeBang – Last of the Beast



Miami rapper, Josh LeBang, 6-Deep Entertainment and Hitman Enterprise puts together an amazing body of work, titled “Last of the Beast”. This mixtape displays his versatility as a musician thru production, singing and rapping. It’s a great transition into Josh LeBang from J-Beats tha Beast. He teams up with Fresha, Reese Head, D’Marie, Prez P, PB Large, Jessy James, Zyto, & Kidd Adamz on various records.

ChaseLawyers On Breaking Into The Music Industry (Pt 4)



Today’s Topic: “Work-For-Hire” Agreements

According to the United States Copyright Act [17 USC Sec. 102], an author enjoys copyright protection as soon as he/she “fixes” his/her original work in a “tangible medium of expression” (for example by writing it down or recording it). The same principle applies, however, for independent contractors (artists, back-up musicians, back-up vocalists, etc.) who are hired to contribute to larger productions. What does that mean? Well, artists, that means that even though you pay the back-up singers on your tracks, or the graphic designers, video editors, and web developers to help package your branding tools, each contributor continues to have ownership in whatever original work they’ve created. Just because you’ve paid for a service does not mean that you own the product or the money you make from it (what we lawyers call “results and proceeds”)!

We imagine at this point that you’ve probably become concerned about how you can own all of the content on your tracks – unless you do everything yourself.

Well, fret not- Work-For-Hire Agreements remedy that exact predicament.

Work-For-Hires will allow for anybody else’s work to be treated as if it were “authored” by the hiring party. In other words, where a true employer-employee relationship does not exist (which it almost never does in music), this document will secure ownership in intellectual property for the hiring party. What is more, a thorough Work-for-Hire Agreement (which are usually only one page) will have a catchall clause that transfers ownership even if the actual content-at-issue does not fit neatly within the Copyright Act’s definition of “works-made-for-hire.” Thus, a well-drafted Agreement works on two fronts, providing both “belt and suspenders.”

As a practical matter, Work-For-Hires ensure a clear “chain of title” for the hiring party, and minimize that party’s exposure to liability from other creative people; the latter will not be able to sue the hiring party for additional compensation or control of the work-at-issue, because the latter will have no legal “ownership” of that work. Finally, a Work-for-Hire will clearly delineate how the creative contributor will be compensated. One single-page document can make things that much easier and clearer.

Artists, please consider these Agreements seriously in moving forward with your creative endeavors. They are a cheap, excellent means of preempting very expensive problems down the line.

By: Barry Chase, Greg Bloom, and Michael Epstein.

Entertainment Attorneys at ChaseLawyers.

Miami : 305-373-7665 | New York City: 212-601-2762

© 2014 ChaseLawyers

Diddy Proposes $200 Million To Buy Fuse TV


According to sources, Diddy put in a bid of $200 million to purchase Fuse. Revolt is currently available to 22.8 million households through Comcast and Time Warner. Fuse, currently owned by the Madison Square Garden Company, reaches 74 million households.

Via: AHH

RondoNumbaNine Arrested & Charged With Murder



A 17-year-old Chicago rapper has been charged with murder in connection to the fatal shooting of a dispatch driver in Wentworth Gardens last month.

Clint Massey, who performs as “RondoNumbaNine,” was ordered held in lieu of $2 million bail at Cook County Bond Court Sunday.

Massey, of the 6600 block of South Honore Street in the West Englewood neighborhood, was allegedly one of two gunmen who fatally shot Javan Boyd early on Feb. 22, according to court records and Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Mack.

Massey and an unnamed co-offender drove to the 3700 block of South Princeton Avenue at about 4 a.m. on Feb. 22, looking to retaliate against an unidentified individual for an earlier altercation, Mack said.

Boyd, 28, who worked for a South Side dispatch service, was sitting in his car waiting for a passenger when Massey and the co-offender approached the passenger side door, Mack said.

Witnesses saw Massey and the co-offender shoot into the vehicle with handguns, according to Mack.

A portion of the incident was captured on video, Mack said, and Massey’s fingerprint was found on the cab.

Via: CT

Speaker Knockerz Found Dead In Home



A 19-year-old Columbia rapper has been found dead in his home, according to the Richland County Coroner’s Office. Derek McAllister, AKA Speaker Knockerz, was found deceased Thursday inside his residence, Coroner Gary Watts said.

No foul play is suspected. Watts said his office is awaiting toxicology reports to determine McAllister’s cause of death.


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