Manolo Rose Ft Rowdy Rebel – 2 Dope Boyz (Prod By Fame School Slim) (Audio)


Off Manolo’s upcoming tape “Concrete Rose” due out June 2nd. Produced by Fame School Slim.

JayLifted – ‘To the Top’ (Video)


Chicago-based MC, Jaylifted, is heading straight “To The Top” with his latest visual. The Steve Zilberman-directed video is from Jay’s latest project, Lifted Meets World.

“To The Top” reflects Lifted’s daily life and expresses his ambitions moving into the future.

James Gardin – Feels Like (Video)


James Gardin releases a new music video for “Feels Like”, a fan favorite off of his recently released album Living Daylights.

Jon Dough – El Chapo (Remix) (Audio)


​Fairfield’s own Jon Dough hops on Berner’s “El Chapo” track to give you his own version.

Khaotic – Dime Piece (Video)


Chippass Ft Killa Fresh & Nikatine Da King – Fuck That Nigga (Audio)


​​Chippass ​links up with Killa Fresh and Nikatine Da King for a fresh joint aimed at the haters.

Chinx Drugz Murdered In Jamaica Queens



Rapper Chinx Drugz was murdered in New York City early this morning.

According to police, Chinx and another man were driving on Queens Boulevard when a second car approached them at 84th Drive and shot multiple times, striking them both.

A Queens-born rapper was killed and another person wounded early Sunday after someone opened fire on a car in Queens.

The victim, shot multiple times in the torso, has been identified as 31-year old Lionel Pickens of Ozone Park, known as Chinx.

It happened just after 4 a.m. at Queens Boulevard and 84th Drive in Briarwood.

Police say the victims were driving a Porsche westbound on Queens Boulevard when a second vehicle pulled up to them at 84th Road, where a gunman from the second vehicle fired multiple rounds inside the first car, striking the driver and the other person.


Cartie – Things Change (Audio)


“Things Change” is the first leak off South Central LA artist Cartie’s Gold Bullions project dropping July 24th.

Cam’ron Released A Cereal Box…



HOLD UP – Cam’ron is releasing a cereal box of, well, Cam’ron:

· Boxes of this Cam’ron Killa Crunch will begin appearing on bodega shelves across NYC starting on Friday, 4/10. Fans who are lucky enough to find these special boxes will not only find a t-shirt inside, but also $100 cash.

· Continuing until 4/12, locations of these bodegas will be revealed across Cam and Virgin Mega’s Twitter and Instagram accounts for fans to follow along and find.

Virgin Mega is hiding the cereal boxes (with the exclusive tee and $100) on bodega shelves throughout NYC starting tomorrow, and the first person to get to the location to find it gets the box. Virgin Mega will be posting the locations on the hour (using the #KillaCrunch hashtag), driving people to the bodega’s where the boxes are hidden.

Cam fans have the opportunity to get in line through their app to purchase one of these collector’s boxes and limited t-shirts on Monday 4/13 at 4pm EST.

Readers can download the iOS version on the Apple App store here or the Android version on the Google Play store here to get in line for the drop.

50 Cent plans to make a million from Pacquiao versus Mayweather



It’s one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches of 2015, and come May time, there will doubtless be a flurry of bets on the forthcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao.

Taking place at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 2, the bout has been deemed the ‘fight of the century’, largely thanks to the sheer amount of years it has taken for these two fighters to finally come to blows. Negotiations between the pair have been on-going since as early as 2009, but disagreements between both the boxers’ promoters have meant that the match has not been able to come into fruition until this year.

It will doubtless be worth the wait, however. While Mayweather Jr boasts the accolade of five-division world champion, his opponent Pacquiao currently holds the title of eight-division world champion.

This could be the reason, then, that rap star 50 Cent has pledged to make himself a millionaire all over again as he takes a risky bet on the fight. 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, is a former member of the Money Team, a brand associated with Mayweather Jr.

As such, the star has placed a risky bet on Mayweather Jr to defeat Pacquiao on May 2, claiming that he will be $1.5 million richer if his stake pays off.

Jackson has had a rocky relationship with The Money Team since he cut all ties with the organisation in 2012. As recently as last year, Jackson and Mayweather Jr were engaged in a bitter feud, which culminated in Jackson pledging to donate $750,000 to charity if Mayweather Jr could successfully read a page of a Harry Potter book.

However, in 2015, it seems that all is forgiven, and Jackson’s faith in the boxer has been restored. He told The Breakfast Club: “I got the champ. The champ gonna smoke him. It’s gonna look like the fight was pumped up for no reason.”

Jackson has been no stranger to gambling in the past, from putting bets on at to even getting into fights with other rappers. Last year, he was threatened with a lawsuit by fellow rapper Webbie, who claimed that Jackson owed him $1 million after losing a boxing bet with him. Webbie even went as far as to reference the bet in his lyrics, rapping: “You owe me a million, don’t make me come get it, I’m telling you I’m serious.”

Let’s just hope the In Da Club singer’s latest bet pays off.

Kanye West Announces Title Of New Album “So Help Me God”



Yeezy takes to twitter to reveal the title of his upcoming album “So Help Me God”. While on the breakfast club Kayne said he may drop the project randomly.

How to Sign a Record Deal With Jay Z



You want a record deal? What year are you living in? They don’t even sell records anymore, heck digital downloads will soon tank once the public gets a hit of streaming services.

Let me tell you there is absolutely no point waiting to be “discovered”. You’ll either end up waiting forever or you’ll get signed and be miserable.

Why will you be miserable? Because if you get signed without having a fan base, you’re going to have to build your fan base on the record label’s terms. Not only that but if you get signed without a fan base, you’ll have no leverage during contract negotiations and will really have signed yourself up to be a slave for a massive corporation.

If you really want to make it today sign yourself and be a slave to what works. What does this mean? It means you need to test yourself in the free market. That means put up a youtube video of yourself singing or rapping and see what the heck happens. 99% of the time nothing ground breaking will happen. You’ll be lucky to get more than 10,000 views.

So what do you do? You try again and again and again, until you figure out what works. You’ll know what works when your video actually gets 100,000 views and has tons of comments, likes and dislikes. You see youtube is the free market. Kids these days don’t have subscriptions to spotify or rdio: when they want to hear their favorite songs they go to youtube. Every song is free to hear on youtube so long as you can sit through a 15 second commercial or whenever that “skip this ad” button appears.

You’ll know you’re music video is working when even months after its release, it continues to get thousands of views each day. You’ll know that your music is connecting when even months after you’ve released it, your twitter and facebook are lit up with people talking about you.

You see you don’t need a record deal anymore because all they’re going to do is try to sell you to old media which in turn will try to sell you to whoever pays attention to old media: old people. The new generation doesn’t care about old media. In fact, all the acts that you probably want to be just like, made it before social media took off. It is doubtful any of them would even make it in this era.

This is truly a “survival of the fittest” model for how musicians should blow. Youtube is the great equalizer. If you think you have the goods, put yourself out there and prove yourself. Don’t think Jay-Z discovering you is going to be your ticket to fame and fortune. It’ll be much more long lasting and meaningful if you build a few fans a day.

Remember the old adage: the quicker they come, the faster they’ll fall. Well the opposite couldn’t be any truer: The more time you take to grow your fan base, the longer you’ll be on top. And today that starts with building your following over youtube, one subscriber at a time. The irony of this is if you do build a large enough following on your own, Jay-Z and a bunch of other labels will be beating a path to your door to sign you.

Written By: Andre


SCC – We Work


Dizaster vs Cassidy





Stream Outlet: 

Setting: Press Conference: September 4th 3:30 PST 


  Whether it was battle rap fans, Cassidy fans, or viewers tired of Cassidy’s high horse talk, we’re finally getting what we’ve waited years for. Lush One (Fresh Coast) is teaming up with FilmOnTv to bring you this monumental battle, being Dizaster vs Cassidy. This recently confirmed news has had the battle rap world in a frenzy. There was a lot of speculation on when and who Cassidy would battle again, if he were to at all. 


  Nobody would’ve ever guessed that Dizaster would be the one to take on this so called honor. Many people are already questioning this match up. Dizaster will be a lot to handle, with his agression and freestyle ability. Cassidy has appeared on multiple interviews saying things along the lines of his opponent having to be an established artist. It has also been rumored that he’s turned down offers of $40,000-$100,000 to step back in the ring. He’s gone on record saying he will be paid $200,000-$250,000 for this battle. Although Cassidy claims he’s battled countless times, the only battle most people have viewed was his infamous battle with Freeway. 


  There is plenty of proof of Cassidy’s ability online, but battle rap has changed a lot since the Smack dvd era. A highly requested battle was Cassidy vs Murda Mook, due to their past altercations. With that being said, I’m sure majority of battle rap fans will agree there are plenty of top tier battlers who’d be a better match up than Dizaster. Cassidy is often considered a legendary in the battle rap world, modern day battlers refuse to give him his just do. We recently witnessed Philly’s Reed Dollaz return with a disappointing performance against JohnJohn Da Don. Will Cassidy’s return be a repeat? Another example being Canibus and Joe Budden both folding under pressure in the ring. Needless to say, this highly anticipated battle will be a great look for the culture.


Who will win this battle?

SWEET 16′s (Songwriters App)



SWEET 16′s is a fresh looking songwriters app that allows songwriters to easily create, edit and organize bars on the go. If you’re running low on scratch – skip the studio session and check out SWEET 16′s Voice Recording feature. This enables the artist to upload a instrumental (off your phone,) import a saved song and record it all at once – kind of like a teleprompter that “goes in.”

Other important features that Rappers will find useful are “Lock Down Mode” – which safeguards your verses in case you loose your phone and “Auto-Scroll Mode” – just upload a beat, set the scroll speed and deliver your bars as they move down automatically.


SWEET 16′s for Songwriting – Changing The Way Songwriters Organize Mobile Lyrics.

Bulleted features:
• Upload a saved song, play an instrumental, record that song, then send it via text message or email.

• Express your songs with text, fonts, emoji, fullscreen (eliminating buttons) and auto-scroll.

• Backup songs to cloud, SD card and lyrics can be password protected.

• Use search features to find songs or playlists faster and the dictionary to help construct your verses.

• Personal settings can be accessed at all times, keeping you closer to your work and recordings.

Soulja Boy vs. Gillie Da Kid



I must say this is very odd. Lyrically Gillie Da Kid will slaughter Soulja Boy, but a lot of people can. Anyway the two tweets from these guys were funny. I wonder how far this will go maybe we can get some diss tracks.

I always love beef but this isn’t even worth it. The whole issue stemmed from a Instagram post from Gillie saying “Some of you niggaz biggest fears…a diamond tester,”. Then he uses #souljaboyassniggaz as one of the hashtags. This isn’t the first time he’s been called out about fake jewelry though. According to FakeWatchBusta Soulja Boy has a fake Audemar that says 10:25 all day everyday. Check out the tweets below.

Written By C.J.


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