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Say Cheese for Midnight Mights New Album “Smile For The Cam”

Say Cheese for Midnight Mights New Album “Smile For The Cam”

Wednesday, 02 June 2021
New Music

Andrew Mighton, professionally known as Midnight Mights, has lately released a new album. Titled “Smile For The Cam, the artist has yet again delivered another hit; but this time it is a whole collection of splendid joints. The 8 track wonder hits every note and every nuance without a single hesitation. With his unique styles and techniques, you can surely expect the best of the best for the talented artist.

The Toronto-based creator will have you setting the playlist back on repeat by the time you hit the last song on the album. Meshing together hip-hop, R&B, and house, Midnight Mights has released the perfect melting pot for all genre lovers. Although the artist takes over most of the songs on the album, he is also accompanied by Zee Row on two songs; “To Be Or Not To Be” and “Nobody.”

With tracks such as “Can’t Wait” and “Jack Frost,” you can surely await a hit album for the win. 


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