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Dread Woo Drops New Music Video For “Tom Brady”

Dread Woo Drops New Music Video For “Tom Brady”

Tuesday, 01 June 2021

Dread Woo was born in Brooklyn, home of hip hop’s biggest artists. He began writing music at a young age, using it as a tool to express himself and to relate to others. Woo describes his sound as a mixture of drill and UK. He draws heavily from various genres of music, including dancehall and reggae. His goals are to own his own label and provide for his family.

Dread Woo started to take his craft more serious after losing a friend. He says,

He left his mark so i had to make sure that the smoke never clears.”

He continues to develop his sound and honor his late friend. He began to gain traction with the breakout single “Lift Em” which currently sits at 110,000 streams on Soundcloud. He then released his new video for “Tom Brady”. The video pays tribute to his loved ones lost and those who are in prison. The video features a variety of luxuries that Dread Woo has to offer. From expensive cars to designer clothing, there is something for everyone in the video.

First we see him hanging out of a drag-racing car before we switch to the next scene where he’s surrounded by all his friends in a bodega. Dread Woo solidifies himself as a leader with the next shot of him sitting on a blue throne holding a football. The video showcases the brotherhood and bond within the Woo and how Dread Woo‘s not forgotten his brothers who are locked up or dead. 

Check out ‘Tom Brady’ Now! 


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