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A Calming Yet Invigorating Track “Numb” By Eduard Luli

A Calming Yet Invigorating Track “Numb” By Eduard Luli

Tuesday, 18 May 2021
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Eduard Luli has just dropped his latest single, “Numb,” and fans are surprised at his take on this genre. The Australian artist is best known for his skillful approach to hip hop and sick beats. Fans are now calling the track the ultimate urban song, as the artist effortlessly combines sultry vocals with a unique musical blend.

The track was also released with a passionate music video, perfectly giving meaning to the words. “Numb” illustrates the artist’s efforts and troubles in a relationship, as he profoundly reveals exactly how he feels and what he is achieving to cope with it. This compelling and relatable love story paves the way for Eduard to bestow his position, and most importantly, the numbness generated. Luli’s natural vocal course weaves with the song’s musical background.

With his talent to fuse Hip-Hop and R&B into an addictive rap, Eduard Luli is positively the urban genius fans have been awaiting.

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