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A Hot Album for the Summer: “11:11” By I.K.P.

A Hot Album for the Summer: “11:11” By I.K.P.

Monday, 17 May 2021
New Music

I.K.P. or The infamous King of Positivity is well known for his multifaceted talents and rap abilities. The American artist recently dropped a whole new album for the crowds to enjoy. Labeled “11:11,” I.K.P. displays a wide range of tracks that will surely meet many tastes. He is most avidly known for his powerful and expressive lyrics. I.K.P. truly outdoes himself with his new hit of a project.

Best known for his powerful and robust words, Kenny M. Alvarez portrays a hip-hop swag coveted by many. His unique talents and unmatched skills set him apart from the crowd and a sure-fire hit among the genre. He has previously held hit tracks such as and “RADICALIZE,” where listeners caught a substantial glimpse of his talents. His new album is a definite must-have as it boasts powerful vocals and catchy beats.

The hip-hop and rap artist has genuinely known how to set the mood for every occasion. His laid-back demeanor paired with sensational tunes will surely give you the correct dose of funk. Check out I.K.P.’s astounding tracks in “11:11” on Spotify.


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