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Soupmakesitbetter ft. Norf$ide CJ & Gabrielle B. – “21+”

Soupmakesitbetter ft. Norf$ide CJ & Gabrielle B. – “21+”

Thursday, 13 May 2021
New Music

Check it out as we get a new single titled “21+” from Compton born rapper Soupmakesitbetter. For the track Soupmakesitbetter begins with a special someone glued to the grooves of his mind. His verse emulsifies love and lust, detailing a mutual attraction that fosters true love and support.

Norf$ide CJ then takes the wheel cruising us into the hook with his deep-toned, velvet vocals. His lady of affection causes him to pull out all the stops while hitting the gas at the same time. In the third verse of “21+”, Gabrielle B. gets right down to the nitty gritty smothered in her smooth, buttery vocals.

With no detection of shyness, she confidently speaks of the addictive quality of phenomenal love making. Put each of these unique verses into the blender and out comes the dynamic “21+” ready for your consumption.


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