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Bobby Zane – Called From Da Trenches (Project)

Bobby Zane – Called From Da Trenches (Project)

Sunday, 09 May 2021

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Bobby Zane is putting on for Chester, PA with his new project release “Called From Da Trenches,” offering 11 heavy-hitting tracks that speak to why he’s in the process of singing a deal with super-producer, Jahlil Beats. Each tracks varies from gritty trap beats to melodic song cries, displaying the versatile and range the upcoming rapper truly is.

Standout tracks include the project intro “Dope Boyz,” as well as track #3 “Pop Out”, & #5 “Codeine Love”.

Be sure to keep up with Bobby Zane as this is only the beginning to his musical impetus, and stay tuned for what more is in store by follow him on social media at Bobby Zane.

Tune in below for the latest.


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