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ICMG Links Quin NFN And SSG Splurge For New Project “Goop NFN”

ICMG Links Quin NFN And SSG Splurge For New Project “Goop NFN”

Friday, 07 May 2021

Inner Circle Music Group is back after some well received success on their latest single. This time around, the talented music group out of Texas looks to put on for the state by bringing two talented Texas artists together for a new project titled, “Goop NFN”. Well known Texas rappers Quin NFN and SSG Splurge chemistry is real, delivering on five must listen records as they both bring their energy to the table and provide a solid offering for the fans. Thank DJ Bubba and Bo Staxx of ICMG for this one, two hard working Texas natives behind the project that are looking to put on for their state. With the Summer about to heat up, you can expect much more from ICMG, Quin NFN and Splurge in the near future, until then, enjoy the new project offering below.


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