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Seth Narley & Aqua Rich Share Collaborative Project “Cartier Visas”

Seth Narley & Aqua Rich Share Collaborative Project “Cartier Visas”

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Emerging artists, Seth Narley and Aqua Rich drop their collaborative project Cartier Visas. What started as a verse on a dope record transformed into a full fledged project. Narley and Rich connected long ago through a mutual friend, having been fans of each others’ music the connection was instant and the music came naturally. After meeting for the first time Seth and Aqua recorded two tracks knowing that a project would soon follow. After recording their fourth song they had no choice but to keep working towards a project that took ten months to complete.

The 10 track EP will feature visuals for each track, with one video for “Cartier Visas”  already out. “Cartier Visas” was shot in ChinaTown, New York and celebrates Seth and Aqua’s lifestyle.

Cartier Visas is the culmination of “hood and high fashion” bringing to life Seth’s creative vision of the best of both worlds.

About Seth Narley

The term “narley” is a slang word that originates from the American surf culture of the 70’s. Initially used to describe a dangerous wave, the term was expanded in the 80’s to address a myriad of all things extreme and awesome. Three decades later, rap artist Seth Narley is diving into hip-hop with a brand of music baring a similar propensity for extremes — vividly painting pictures both glamorous and grim. The Puerto Rican MC grew up in the South Bronx, NY — a stone’s throw from the fashion mecca of Manhattan. Being exposed to upscale living and designer brands just a train ride away, Seth admits he walked the streets of SoHo “dreaming of a better life” than his own; one in which his mother wasn’t addicted to drugs and his cousin miraculously survived 16 gunshot wounds.

Drawing inspiration from a range of artists such as NY greats Jay-Z and Nas to Southern rap standouts 8-Ball & MJG and Three 6 Mafia, Narley dropped out of college his freshman year determined to hone his skills on the mic. The result was a knack for charismatic wordplay and a keen ear for captivating production that combined to make music capable of grasping rap fans well beyond those with a New York state of mind. “I would describe my music as refreshing, and genre-bending”, explains the artist of his soulful sound. “Meaning that I can be on a track with Jim Jones, and also do a track with Taylor Swift”.

Now having appeared on wax alongside A$AP Rocky (“Grippin’ Woodgrain”) and being featured by prominent outlets such as XXL, HypeTrak and FreeOnSmash, Seth is ready to roll-out the full scale of his hood-meets-high fashion lifestyle on his latest project, Cartier Visas. And while his pale skin and blue eyes may make him an unlikely champion for a new wave of elegant hood music, Seth Narley’s designer raps may just be what the game’s been missing.

About Aqua Rich

The 24 year old Bronx phenom Aqua Rich, personifies a day in the life of this young energetic generation. His captivating flow allows listeners to gravitate towards everyday life experiences. It’s about being around nothing but good vibes and excelling out of your situation. Aqua Rich was born As Xerxes Barker-Hudson; Born in New York but raised in the Bronx with a single mother and 1 older sister.

Xerxes is the name of a Persian king, so you can say he was instantly born into royalty. Not literally but his mother gave him a powerful name to show him that he was going to be different. His stage name is Aqua Rich because he feels like people like to follow the “wave” he creates and he is more of leader who can captivate people to do what he’s doing. Aqua always had a thing for music whether it was pop music, R&B, Rap, and even gospel. He gets the last name Rich from the wealth of his first name, reinventing himself to become a boss. He decided to leave his old life behind to turn to a new chapter of greatness.

Aqua Rich has been rapping for a short period of time but has made some impressive music. He released a mixtape in 2019 called “Scamma Gospel” featuring the first song that got him recognition called “Gunna”. The song Aqua Rich has also performed at SOB’S, Major Stage, Hot Skull Day, and even local gigs that he and his friends have put together. Aqua Rich has a unique flow that with captivating wordplay and catchy hooks. This kid is only 25 but it seems like the sky is the limit for this new MC. In 2019 Aqua linked up with Seth Narley and instantly connected on a musical aspect. Upon meeting the two artists created 2 songs, but the two didn’t know how far their collaboration would take them. During the pandemic of 2020 Narley and Aqua organically kept working together and eventually came to a conclusion; that they should drop a tape together. Today the two join together to release their first collaborative project, Cartier Visas.

Watch the dope video here!

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