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Big Oomp Records’ Artist CHEEKOFUE Collabs with DJ Montay on New Single

Big Oomp Records’ Artist CHEEKOFUE Collabs with DJ Montay on New Single

Tuesday, 13 April 2021
New Music

CheekoFUE has been in the lab with DJ Montay, as well as other Big Oomp Records members such as Big Korey. Below is the new single “Make a Wish” which is getting airplay across the region. Listen to the record and read more about Cheeko’s history below:

Miami rapper CHEEKOFUE had a significant history in rap music before signing to Big Oomp Records in 2019. Originally born in Gary, Indiana, Nelson Pastoriza performed for the first time in third grade at a talent show alongside four of his friends. He got his start freestyling and rapping in North Miami Beach at house parties and bar mitzvahs. The energetic and charismatic entertainer (later known as Nasticity) would go on to appear on The Black Umbrella’s Blood & Roses Tour in 2017.

“The energy that this artist brings is electrifying and scary as hell in a good way,” the Miami Times once described one of the rapper’s previous live performances.

The artist’s tenacity on stage during the Blood & Roses Tour came from a hunger to get back in the spotlight after being incarcerated on a drug trafficking charge. Once he was released from a Florida correctional facility, he was eager to put out new music and dropped the Lost album followed by FUEAGE PreLude Mixtape.

He used the temporary setback to encourage other incarcerated fathers to use their talents to create legal platforms as entrepreneurs to support their family. “I’ve been through the worst of it,” he says. “I decided to stop selling dope and start selling hope — if I can do it anybody can.”

Produced by DJ Montay, CHEEKO’s current single “Make a Wish” is getting airplay on major stations. “Thanks to DJ Jelly and DJ Montay for getting ‘Make a Wish’ on about fifteen FM stations right now,” CHEEKO says, “people are going nuts about it.”

When it comes to his future endeavors, CHEEKO is aiming for the gold. “I’m already a brand,” he says. “I see my brand being a super huge in the next five years — platinum.”

His positive mindset and will to overcome setbacks and achieve greatness are inspirational. “I’ve been through hell and back and as long as you continue to be the best version of yourself, you can achieve anything,” he says. “Once you’re able to believe it, then you can reach out and achieve it.” @cheekofue


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