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Loe4t Shares New Record, “Diamond in the Rough” feat. Hadji Gaviota

Loe4t Shares New Record, “Diamond in the Rough” feat. Hadji Gaviota

Saturday, 03 April 2021

Queens, New York is the home of several talented artists. Many become interested in the art of music at an early age. Loe4t is an emerging multi talented creative artist. He is a producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter.

He now releases his newest track, featuring Hadji Gaviota titled, “Diamond in the Rough.” He openly discussed his shorty as a diamond in the rough. The term is known to a wide yet interesting meaning to it. It often describes a person who has great character, good qualities and potential but is not as polish as expected. He opens up about seeing her real potential and believing in her no matter what.

This song is encouraging to many in different ways. A lot of people can relate to this feeling or maybe having felt like that abouyt themself. This song showcases how versatiles this talented creative really is. He likes to use music as a tool to express himself and connect with his supporters on different levels.

Listen to, “Diamond in the Rough” here and tell us what you think!

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