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The Queen Beey Roc Is Back to Reclaim her Throne

The Queen Beey Roc Is Back to Reclaim her Throne

Tuesday, 23 March 2021
New Music

Queen Beey Roc the Rap Dragon, Queen of Philadelphia, and the tri-state area, is back to reclaim her throne. With the release of her first single Matrix off of her Briana Taylor EP, Queen Beey is ready to prove why she has been dubbed by the streets as “the greatest female rapper of all time!” She proudly wears the crown and she respects the other Queens in her industry. She is all about bringing empowerment and unity amongst female rappers.

Queen Beey Roc is currently on a 7 city tour, and she is working with Philadelphia marketing company 11:22 MMG to ensure this time around you all will remember her name. Check out her video below, which is available on all major platforms. For more info log on to


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