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Swazy Styles’ Smash “Twerk 4 Me” Goes Viral on TiKToK

Swazy Styles’ Smash “Twerk 4 Me” Goes Viral on TiKToK

Friday, 19 March 2021
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Swazy Styles recently premiered the visuals for “Twerk 4 Me” featuring DJ OooWee, Dej Rosegold, and Qwote and the TiKToK dance videos are pouring in. Swazy is aiming to bring the fun back to music in an industry often plagued by drugs and violence. “I’m enjoying this music and I spread love to the people,” he says positively.

The Bronx, NY native is based in Miami, FL and is known for several hit records including “Standing on Couches” and “Birthday Suit.” His steady consistency is continuing with this latest record.

“I see myself as being more successful than I am now. Although I am currently successful, more success is to come because my work ethic, skills, and abilities are incredible. I’ll never stop creating and hustling, doing what I gotta do to enjoy life and feed the family.”

Talking to Swazy it’s evident he enjoys the whole creation process from start to finish. “Watching people dance to my music and hearing it on the radio is a whole other element.”

Watch the video below and keep up with Swazy on socials: @swazystyles / TiK ToK: @iamswazystyles


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