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New Music: Just Malsz ft. Casket D “The Ingredients”

New Music: Just Malsz ft. Casket D “The Ingredients”

Friday, 19 March 2021

Upcoming Yonkers independent artist, Just Malsz releases his newest music video for, “The Ingredients” featuring Casket D. In the beginning scene he starts out cruising in low a rider as he tells us how he is everything he never had. He then turns up with his son in the laundry room as he spits those soulful bars.

Just Malsz is known for making motivational music that pushes you to turn your hustle up. He creates all the video treatments for his visuals. Each visual and song displays how much of a versatile artist he truly is. His unique flow consist of philosophical and descriptive lyrics that many can relate too.

His unique sound and motivational lyrics are inspired by his upbringing, life experiences, and the passion to innovate the culture in positive ways. He makes music to be a voice of reason for all generations. 

I started writing and happened to be in my kitchen while I was writing this song. I had taken a break from writing and opened my cabinets and “the ingredients” just came to me. A majority of my songs are titled that way. I usually write and title my songs midway allowing the title to present itself. That then gives me a full direction for the rest of the track. I correlated life to a meal and all your experiences being ingredients to the recipe of your desired meal (success). Most people have the ingredients already they just don’t know the proper measurements and some people let their ingredients expire.”

Check out the video here:

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