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“Cuddle Moves” By GregR&B Offers A Soothing Experience For All To Enjoy

“Cuddle Moves” By GregR&B Offers A Soothing Experience For All To Enjoy

Monday, 15 March 2021
New Music

From Rochester, New York, GregR&B came up with a beautifully platonic release that resonates with audiences on many levels. “Cuddle Moves” is a fun, uplifting song that takes the audience’s imagination to a warm and cuddly environment where worries are left outside the door. At the age of 11, young Greg already partook in a musical setting by attending the church choir until his mother introduced him to rap. “Cuddle Moves” is the main single from his latest album “Love Again.” Produced by BenzMuzik and recorded at StarrMix studios by MixGod, the music video is directed by 4Grounds Media. 


“I’m looking forward to hitting the top of the billboard charts along with bringing the element of Love back to the music scene,” said GregR&B.


Ambitious and filled with rigor, the young artist indeed set his mark as high as possible. GregR&B delivers entertaining yet thought-provoking lyrics over mesmerizing sounds that will speak to listeners from all over the world. The album was inspired by his deep passion for R&B and Soul music, with love being the central energy throughout. His ingenuity and creativity are the secret ingredients of the potion that cast a spell upon the viewer.


For now, leave your worries behind, lay back, and enjoy GregR&B’s latest love potion, “Cuddle Moves.”


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