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“Versace,” A Major Release by CG Naughty

“Versace,” A Major Release by CG Naughty

Tuesday, 09 March 2021
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CG Naughty’s latest release, “Versace,” is a display of luxurious elements mixed with swag all into a captivating performance. Shot by Nickyfilms and produced by Juicebeatz, “Versace” is a great continuation of the rapper’s previous release, “Look Into My Eyes.” Contrary to his last release, the new song offers an entirely different set of realities. Whereas “Look Into My Eyes” was about major issues in America, “Versace” is a glimpse into the rapper’s lavish lifestyle.


“But jumped out that Porsche in Givenchy.” The majority of the track covers various luxury brands, cars, and jewelry. The eclectic soundtrack adds up significantly to the rapper’s performance. The honesty displayed by CG Naughty could most definitely be appreciated because most performers nowadays are not that real. A real performance with a real approach, executed with a real flow. 


“As long as they put me where them killers at because that’s where I’m comfortable nigga.” Bold statements by the rapper. Undoubtedly he did not shy away from a full-on display on “Versace.”


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