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New Music: Dirty Ike “Moonshine”

New Music: Dirty Ike “Moonshine”

Monday, 08 March 2021

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, to Dirty Ike has been writing music since he was a teen. He discovered his passion for music his freshman year of college after getting kicked off the basketball team. He began to write music to express his frustration. He was so driven and motivated he wrote over fifteen songs in a month. Dirty Ike’s relationships, lifestyle, and experiences inspire all the music he is making. The good and the bad, he can transcribe into a song that inspires others. Dirty Ike describes his sound as balanced, “you can vibe out, but the lyrics are still potent”. For this song Dirty Ike’s creative process was difficult, he was trying to get back to the rhythm of music. After taking almost a year break from music he had to “dog it out” the first month. He was relearning his sound, who he is as an artist, and changing what not longer works for him. This EP was a surprise that he was making for himself, to perfect and create a strong project. When the audience listens to his latest tracks he wants them to relate to the music and see that it represents everyday life, even in the darkest times and to not be afraid to do what is best for themselves because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Check it out “Moonshine” EP

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