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Rising Artist ThatKiddVee Gives Listeners A Feel of Nostalgia With Two-Pack EP

Rising Artist ThatKiddVee Gives Listeners A Feel of Nostalgia With Two-Pack EP

Thursday, 04 March 2021

is 17 year old New York artist. He now drops ‘Love Nostalgia’ a two song EP paying homage to 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. ’21 Questions’ tells the story of the artist exclaiming his love for his girlfriend and begins to ask her questions about how deep her love goes for him. This 2021 tribute to ’50 Cent’s’ ’21 Questions’ has a modern twist opening by the artist admiring his love interests Instagram page. He sings about how much he loves and can provide for his girl, but just wants to know if their love would be the same without money and fame.


Mr. Carter pays homage to a few of Lil Wayne’s tracks, ‘A Milli’, ‘How to Love’, and ‘Walk In’. The song is about his heart being broken by his girlfriend. Upset that he opened his heart to someone who played him for a fool. A track everyone could relate to, trust is earned and should be cherished especially in relationships. ThatKiddVee embodied the emotions using the music that has inspired today’s artist even at the age of seventeen.

ThatKidVee is known for his creative video concepts and relatable themes, which is consistently being displayed is his work. Vee’s overall goal is having his supporters get an old-school vibe when listening to his records, while also allowing them to feel the vulnerability he’s giving off. Although he’s a young man, he’s still making mistakes and wants to give his listeners a different perspective while also changing the narrative that young men can’t be vulnerable. “


‘Love Nostalgia’ is short and sweet, it does its job and leaves you wanting more. ThatKiddVee creates a vibe that all audiences can empathize with and recollect a memory, or person from that time in their life.

Check it out here!


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