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Nai – May 3rd (The Remixes) EP

Nai – May 3rd (The Remixes) EP

Tuesday, 02 March 2021

Nai is an ascending R&B singer with tremendous talent, exciting music and anticipation to be the next big thing in R&B. Today, she continues her ascent with the release of her new EP, titled, May 3rd (The Remixes). The new release is arguably the origin of a lot of great music to come from the new artist in 2021.

Available on Hardcover Records LLC, the six-song reimagined work includes standout singles, like “Alive,” “Don’t Make Me” and “Make You Mine” featuring Timmy. And with the remixes, Nai displays superior vocal range and abilities. She has complete control and an ear that is well in tune with what fans want from their music as we head into the future. May 3rd (The Remixes) is a portal to further exploring the rising star’s complete catalog. Discover Nai and her magnetic new sound, today.

Stream the entire EP below and follow Nai on Instagram.


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