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Florida’s Lavish The MDK Releases ‘33476’ Mixtape

Florida’s Lavish The MDK Releases ‘33476’ Mixtape

Monday, 01 March 2021

Rising Florida recording artist, Lavish The MDK, takes us back to his old stomping grounds in the release of the new mixtape 33476. For the Lil Pahokee Florida follow-up, Lavish enlists the sounds of buzzworthy producers LunchMoney Lewis, Smash David, Schife Karbeen, and Adrian to tell his past adventures of street hustles, sexual conquests and more. The new 12-track collection includes standout songs “Sister Sister (Tia & Tamera),” “Face Card,” “Getting To The Bag.”

33476 is arguably Lavish’s best work yet. Showing evolution in the new artist’s style, impact and ability. Arriving in hip-hop in 2015, Lavish The MDK’s latest is the perfect jump-on point for any newly discovered fan.

Get familiar with Lavish The MDK, today. Lavish’s new project is available on all digital streaming platforms via Lunchbox Records/Advantage Music Group. For more Lavish The MDK, follow him daily on Instagram.

Listen to Lavish new mixtape below, courtesy Spotify.


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