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Listen To AJ $now’s 3 Latest Singles “Peek A Boo,” “Lawn Chair,” And “Way 2 Lit”

Listen To AJ $now’s 3 Latest Singles “Peek A Boo,” “Lawn Chair,” And “Way 2 Lit”

Tuesday, 02 February 2021
New Music

Could 2021 start-off any better for the rapper AJ $now? The artist recently released three new songs titled “Peek A Boo,” “Lawn Chair,” and “Way 2 Lit,” each shining with its own uniqueness. They are homes to his versatile flows, edgy aesthetics, and float between genres ranging from pop to trap and rap. 

The song “Peek A Boo” features Chelly the MC. The artist got his inspiration for the song while playing with his son at home. While the next song on the list, “Way 2 Lit,” was written two years ago when the artist was enjoying a good moment in life and having fun. He later sent the song to The Crushboys, who are featured on the track, and as AJ $now says, “they absolutely crushed it.” The third track does the best job of exposing AJ $now’s raw talent by giving him space to display his full range of abilities as a performer and showcase his hypnotic energy. “Lawn Chair” is more focused on trap elements. 

AJ $now brings back the nostalgic 90’s vibes while breathing fresh air into music via his signature-style; a true boundary-pusher. 

To get more of AJ $now follow him on   Instagram and Spotify.

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