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Going Global: Velly Van Gogh Is A Rising Artist and Entrepreneur

Going Global: Velly Van Gogh Is A Rising Artist and Entrepreneur

Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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Velly Van Gogh is the latest emerging lyricist to step out of Southside Jamaica Queens, NYC. Utilizing his lyrically inclined writtens to execute his street storyteller flow makes for a great listen. Not only are his lyrics relatable and inspiring, he brings pure entertainment.

Velly’s goal with music is to bring individuals back to the beginning of hip hop. With a love for 90s Hip-Hop and R&B after growing up listening to it, he really embodies the vibe. Giving you a feeling that is unmatched kind of like taking a trip back into time. Identified as a cadence that can not be imitated or duplicated.

As a child, at the age of 7, Van Gogh began penning his own music. Although he went on a hiatus, fast forward to today and he is going full throttle – pedal to the metal. Now he’s taking his talents and careers to new heights as he connects with his past & watching his brother KD in the neighborhood rap group called “Union”. After suffering a serious injury and fighting for his life, he decided to take his second chance at life and make the best of it. Shortly after, he was presented the opportunity to record his first track in a studio while on a camp trip. With over 12 years of experience, listeners were blown away by his vocals as he is the youngest of the group. Velly went on to perform one of his brother’s rhymes and received so much positive feedback that it earned him more studio time. This is where his musical career was jump started .

To kick off his discography he dropped his debut mixtape which was hosted by Dj Don Demarco and Dj Get Fly of Coast2Coast mixtapes titled, ‘Armageddon Fully Loaded’. Not including his additional solo and collaborative mixtapes and features. To further his knowledge for his passion he explored mixing and  making visuals. This enabled growth and inspired his new production company called “igotwork_tv”.

Velly Van Gogh’s music career is becoming more & more promising. The rising artist is booming in the states and is garnering a broader reach as he becomes global with connections in the United Kingdom. Find out why below.


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