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Santino Shares New Record, “What Is Hell Like”

Santino Shares New Record, “What Is Hell Like”

Sunday, 03 January 2021

Santino Ali settled in North Camden after his birth in Newark, New Jersey. He used his upbringing to inspire his music. Heavily influenced by Drake, Tupac, Denzel Curry, XXX, Anita Baker, Usher and Kendrick Lamar he always knew he had a passion for music. At sixteen years old he recorded his first song and he’s been perfecting his craft ever since. he is motivated by his friends and family to make meaningful substantial music. His ultimate career goals are is to provide for my family and provide opportunities for the people around me.

He now releases his most recent record, “What Is Hell Like?” This song talks about the ups and downs of life and the consequences that may come with the decisions we make. He briefly discussed his unique sound:

“I think I have the ability to relate to the everyday person , like in a way were I can communicate with them through my music. Been through somethings in the streets but also I’m that emo kid that’s into anime that still attract women. I feel like I check numerous boxes. I’m not afraid to be myself.”

Listen to the music here!




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