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Court Corleone Drops New Project, “Something To Surf To”

Court Corleone Drops New Project, “Something To Surf To”

Sunday, 03 January 2021

Queens, New York is the home to several creative artist. Court Corleone is an independent artist born and raised in Westside Queens. As a teen he began writing music and using it as an outlet to express himself and relate to people. Heavily influenced by Lil Wayne, Kanye West, J. Cole, Drake and more, he had a keen ear for music at an young age.  His first project titled, Black America was released in 2016. After receiving positive feedback he continued to perfect his writing skills. Recording in the studio became therapeutic to his creative process and it inspired him to keep going. Later on, he started performing at shows and gaining momentum and supporters that enjoyed his authentic music.

He now releases his most recent work, “Something To Surf To.” This tape displays how Corleone is truly a diverse artist with a deep desire to create timeless good music. Throughout the tape each track reveals a different side of his personality as he sheds distinctive layers in each song. Records like “Slo-mo”, “Energy’ and “Angels,” are some of his most favored tracks. The energy is simply a vibe you can feel and hear. As this multi talented creative continues to make his mark, he briefly told us about his originality:

“As far as rap goes its somewhat hard to explain. My style is very versatile, I don’t stick to one particular sound. There’s not any flow, style, or sound that I can’t adapt to. I want to be as big of an artist/musician I can be. Start up my record label & create a platform for others artists to shine & succeed with. I consider myself the voice for the underdogs. In my music, I speak from a standpoint of someone who’s been shitted on in the past & constantly doubted. But instead of using that pain as anger , I used that pain as determination to always prove whoever wrong as long as I had that belief in me.”

Check it out here!

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