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Bronx Emcee, Quan Rite Shares Newest Visual “Yeah Yeah” From Upcoming Project

Bronx Emcee, Quan Rite Shares Newest Visual “Yeah Yeah” From Upcoming Project

Saturday, 02 January 2021

Quan Rite was born by Quad Studios at Bellevue Hospital, on the same infamous night in 1994 that Tupac Shakur was shot. Quan was later adopted by his mother and raised Uptown in the Bronx alongside his sister. At a early age, he would experienced some hardships, starting with the passing of his mother when he was just 12-years-old. As life unfolded, he began to start losing friends and other loved ones to violence in his neighborhood. Music became his only outlet to express himself and release his emotions. He began to write poetry as way to escape from reality. Because of his passion for music his first song was a tribute to his mother. Quan later found purpose in this outlet of expression and continued to perfect his craft.

He now shares his most recent single, “Yeah Yeah” – ahead of his upcoming project ‘Rite Now’. As he continues to make his mark and create out his own unique lane his melodic style is unmatched. He rides the line between hip hop and R&B in tone and rhythm.  His dope flow creates a soulful vibe that is timeless. This body of work openly shows his diversity through each track.

Yeah Yeah,” the lead single to the anticipated project ‘Rite Now’ is the good intro to his sound. The straightforward 808 beat mixed with a soothing melody produced by NINETY8 gives way to the head-turning, harmonious flow we continuously heard on this track. The confidence and depth of his vocals, combined and mastered by Hitmaker Dot , joined with his dynamic flow glides over the finely tuned production that simply creates a timeless and substantial record.

The video was shot by Director Picaso,  the concept was a movie style featuring Quan Rite. He flashed big racks in a variety of luxury settings surrounded by some beautiful women. Quan’s flashy style, big sound, and affected melodic vocals on “Yeah Yeah” give off, big energy that you can feel and see throughout the visual.

Check it out here!



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