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Nyce Da Beast Releases New Project, Product of My Pain

Nyce Da Beast Releases New Project, Product of My Pain

Monday, 28 December 2020
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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Nyce Da Beast is an upcoming independent artist. Raised in Florida she began to write music at ten years old, as an outlet to express herself. Shortly after she purchased a mic and began to perfect her craft. Heavily influenced by artists like Missy Elliot and Future she always had a passion for music.
“This is my life” was the first project she released last year that contributed to her making a name for herself. Nyce received positive feedback that helped her to remain focused and determined to make substantial music. Her unique sound quickly grabbed people’s attention and ears. She then launched Black Rock Star which is a lifestyle brand based on good energy and vibes. Her ultimate goals are to make timeless authentic projects that motivate and bring people together in positive ways. Also to create opportunities for the younger generation to accomplish their goals. With all the noise this talented emcee has been making she is surely proving she is a force to be reckoned with.
She now releases her most recent project titled, “Product of my Pain,” which is available on all major streaming platforms. This project was inspired by her emotions from good to bad. This tape was created to motivate us in different ways. Nyce briefly explained her creative process:
“In the time frame of creating this project, I felt my life was upside down I didn’t really see anything for me. I didn’t feel good at anything, didn’t have much. Also, I have my mom and little brother in Jamaica depending on me to be something I just felt like it wasn’t much I could do to help but I knew for sure I had music and I always knew I love to write, I moved from Miami to New York end of December 2019 to promote my first album and start a life other than staying in the nest at pops house during my 6 month period being in New York I first was in queens then ended up renting a room in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn long story short I was there seen a different way of life I was on my own in a new environment and I adapted, adjusted & created because then I was for sure I had a gift in expressing my pain threw my music. I want my listeners to feel good I want my listeners to feel the emotion. I want my listeners to feel motivated, just how I felt while creating it.”
Take a listen here!

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