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Omega The Poet – “Nina Simone” Ft. Innanet James and Malik Denny

Omega The Poet – “Nina Simone” Ft. Innanet James and Malik Denny

Wednesday, 09 December 2020
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Omega The Poet has released the official video to his passionate new single, “Nina Simone,” Directed by Alexis Roston and featuring acclaimed R&B/Hip-Hop artists Innanet James & Malik Denny. The song, which talks about him striking up an attraction for a lady friend which led to being intimate but ultimately deciding to have a platonic relationship. He compares her lips to the sweetness of kiwi juice & expresses his desire which enhances the sexual essence of the record. Innanet James & Malik Denny’s presence here adds to the sensual vibe here and the three artists provide the definitive anthem just in time for “cuffing season”.

That’s just half of the package that comes with Nina Simone. It also arrives with a beautifully shot, intense video that is painter & muse themed which gives off a heavenly aura. The video also features very tasteful and artistic nudity which proves to be a beautiful addition. Alternating between one warm and one cool scene Omega The Poet spits the song’s introspective lyrics. He tells his story with such charismatic flair that you naturally become captivated and sing along. He’s just truly starting but his intricately designed ideas and consistency gives viewers an indicator of just how far that he could go.


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