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Video Premiere: Trench Legends Release New Visual for, “My Guys”

Video Premiere: Trench Legends Release New Visual for, “My Guys”

Monday, 07 December 2020
New Music
Conscious Young Johnny and Slicky together make up the group, “Trench Legends.” Johnny representing Boston and Slicky representing Liberia and Rhode Island, these two multi talented creatives decided to connect in early 2020. The first record they recorded was titled, “In My City,” which set the tone for what to expect. Interestingly their first studio session was in Young Johnny’s room with a laptop and a microphone. From then they have had an undeniable vibe. They let their creative juices bounce off each other, which you can feel and hear in the music. They often listen to beats together and individually begin to write or freestyle. Once they create a solid flow with authentic and substantial lyrics they run with it. Together these two have different styles and formats of making and writing music, which express how unique they are. Both artists have been making music since they were teenagers. Together they help each to perfect their craft and reach new pinnacles.
They now release the visual to the track, “My Guys.” This song was inspired by their loved ones that are currently incarcerated.
These two decided to freestyle in a car as they heard the beat drop. Johnny came up with the hook and the rest is history. Their melodic rap sounds grabs your attention instantly.
“We want my listeners to understand the feeling of missing someone who is incarcerated and to understand the depth of loyalty. We figured we’d shoot the video at the spot where basically we all came together and became close at, Payne Park.”
Watch the video here!

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