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GOLDEN G –  ‘The Road Less Travelled By’

GOLDEN G – ‘The Road Less Travelled By’

Friday, 04 December 2020
New Music

Check it out as Golden G recently released his new project, ‘The Road Leass Travelled By.’ Releasing on November 21, as the third chapter of his story, following his previous two projects, What If it’s Me (2017) and The Story Is Documented (2019).

The new album is undoubtedly a strategic piece of his legacy. The 21st being the artist’s birthday, also provides sentiment to the third installment. Inspired by Robert Frost’s famous poem, “The Road Not Taken,” the album serves as a metaphor of his mindset on being in a different lane or “road” than other artists around him.

Careful with his words, and a University Graduate of English Language and Literature, GOLDEN G regularly speaks with genius level wordplay and witticism while he defies stereotype; redefining standards by combining general knowledge, pop culture, and Hip-Hop bravado.

“The Road Less Travelled By” is a 16-track assortment providing a narrative of different moments from GOLDEN G’s life spread throughout his projects. His skills and lyrical prowess prove clear mastery of the craft, and he continues to build a solid case for why he is rightfully considered one the most talented artists from the GTA.


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