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Meet Founder of Mispent Youth, Artesco

Thursday, 03 December 2020

Brooklyn, New York is the home to many creative entrepreneurs. Some are passionate by the art of fashion and branding themselves. Artesco is the Founder of the brand, Mispent Youth, created in 2017 as a designer influenced brand. Made in New York, this clothing brand specializes in men’s and women’s lifestyle and street wear. It was created through a combination of events. In Brooklyn he would plan showcases for artist to perform and the end he would give out bikes to the children in the community.

His goal is to bring love and light to everyone in different ways. Mispent Youth Inc. is slated on being a brand that welcomes all. It is built on being humane and acknowledging that we are all one. Artesco is heavily inspired by his children and family to excel and reach new pinnacles. He is motivated to make the world a better place for everyone. His own love for fashion mixed with the message, bringing people together in positive ways birthed Mispent Youth Inc. With all this inspiring entrepreneur has accomplished so far he is destined to create an impeccable and innovating lifestyle brand.

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