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Nizo Releases New Mixtape, “Flashback Freestyle Friday”

Nizo Releases New Mixtape, “Flashback Freestyle Friday”

Thursday, 22 October 2020
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Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, emerging artist, Nizo, is making his distinctive mark with his witty punchlines and feel good music. He began making music at the age of  twelve and has been perfecting his craft ever since. He enjoys making music for people to relate to while also raising their spirits. Nizo’s life experiences motivate his music as well as being raised during an era of poverty and surviving it all. He openly utilizes music as a tool to express hisself and share his story with others. With his intricate creative process he strives to open doors for the younger generation and uplift black people. The Michigan native, exercises his talent to express himself and make an impact within the Hip Hop culture. As he combines different elements of his life story and his passion for music, Nizo created an ingenious process that formed his unique sound. His upbringing plays an influential part in his music and it allows him to write about his feelings and emotions.

He recently released his newest mixtape titled, “Flashback Freestyle Friday,” where he sampled some of his favorite songs from some of the greats. It was important for him to create a project a like this. He wanted to show his appreciation and inspiration to them.He briefly discussed how this all came about:

“I came up with the concept of this tape by watching the greats when it came to rhyming. They all proved themselves. Every song is my favorite, each one has a different vibe and adds new flavor to this generation. The era of music I relate to the most would probably be 2000 trap music, the making money mentality but surviving in the streets. The hold on me that music has makes me want to bring out a fresh style and bringing the best out of me. The tools I used to stay authentic on this project was just my mind. I create so well in my head before I bless the beat. What inspired the concept of this project is past emcees I respect right now they all proved themselves.”

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