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Give “Mind Takes Hold” By BriGuel A Chance, And Let It Take A Hold Of Your Mind

Give “Mind Takes Hold” By BriGuel A Chance, And Let It Take A Hold Of Your Mind

Monday, 19 October 2020
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Nothing can save you when your own mind starts hunting you. NYC-based duo formed by Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, calling themselves BriGuel, released a new music video for their single “Mind Takes Hold,” where they perfectly present a person’s state stuck in their own thoughts, fears, and anxiety. When listening to the song and viewing the expressive visuals, you will find yourself standing face to face with your depth in a battle with your own thoughts. 


“Mind Takes Hold” will take you on a self-discovery journey filled with groovy, intimate, smooth, and sensual melodies spreading atmospheric edginess. The aim of the journey is to break free from your own demons, liberate yourself from the chains of the mind, and have the eye-opening experience that will transform you into a more conscious and enlightened being. The whole process of change is both spiritual and psychological. BriGuel’s lyricism is poetic and metaphorical. The video follows the logic of the music and lyrics. The visuals are filled with emotionality and an intuitive sense of otherworldliness that words are incapable of transferring. Thus, give “Mind Takes Hold” a chance, and let it take hold of your mind. 

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