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Ashton Mills Releases Quarantine-Style Music Video for ‘Reflections’

Ashton Mills Releases Quarantine-Style Music Video for ‘Reflections’

Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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Hailing from downtown Toronto, Ashton Mills is a multi-faceted recording artist, producer, engineer, director, and designer.

His work has been showcased on Billboard, The FADER, Complex, and Hypebeast. Ashton recently produced for and toured with JUNO – award-winning artist – and Jazz Cartier as his live guitarist and keyboardist. Ashton has continued to develop an innovative sound that has helped catapult fellow artists such as Amir Obé, Ca$tro Guapo / CMDWN, and Eli Sostre into the global spotlight.

Ashton’s innovative sound has also landed him FACTOR funding as well as $20,000 in prize money from multiple songwriting competitions. With classical training, impressive vocal range, and extreme attention to detail, Ashton is now ready to push the envelope with his debut project as a singer called “YOU WATCHED ME LOSE MY MIND”. While self-producing and engineering all of his music, he has teamed up with renowned Toronto visual artists such as Kid.

Studio affiliates, Plus Ultra, and photographer Frank Lin on the project’s visual content. With “YOU WATCHED ME LOSE MY MIND” set to roll out in the fall of 2020, Ashton Mills will soon be a name in the ears of both worldwide industry heavyweights and listeners alike.


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