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Duece Uno – Era Of Duece (LP)

Duece Uno – Era Of Duece (LP)

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Florida has been a melting pot for new music and artists over the past 5 years. With that being said, Duece Uno is a new artist to check out that is currently making some noise out of the sunshine state. Delivering a new project titled, Era Of Duece, the artist provides a versatile offering that perfectly showcases his sound and abilities.

Life hasn’t been easy for Duece as he compares life to a “Roller coaster ride”, yet the young artist looks to depict his stories through his music and bring more light to Florida and Broward County.

With standout singles like “Lost Love” and “Kash Doll”, Duece Uno provides a 13 track project that is sure to gain your interest. With more new music on the way and a possible project, we suggest being on the lookout for Duece Uno as he continues to grow and make a name.

Stream it now.


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