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Steven Christopher – “Single Minded”

Steven Christopher – “Single Minded”

Tuesday, 08 September 2020
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Steven Christopher is a Memphis DIY sensation trailblazing his own path to the top with a signature mix of R&B and auto-tune rap. Heavily inspired by the early 2000s and the era legendary producer Timberland. Christopher continues to shine bright with his own production and wordplay with today’s latest single, titled, “Single Minded.”

Labeled an anthem, “Single Minded” details the ups and downs within a toxic relationship. Christopher is amazing as he pours his heart and soul into the song as he prepares for his forthcoming album, coming late-2020 on his own imprint.

About “Single Minded,” Christopher states, “…Not everyone is crying over love like that, all the time. We can take it or leave it. We’re more focused on loving and taking care of ourselves, we’re single-minded.”

After “Single Minded,” find out everything about Steven Christopher on Instagram.

Stream Steven Christopher’s new single now.


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