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O.Z The Hitmaker Drops Album “Return of The King”

O.Z The Hitmaker Drops Album “Return of The King”

Wednesday, 02 September 2020

North Carolina based artist O.Z The Hitmaker is best known for his multiple viral Facebook videos. His popular “Walmart Freestyle” with Harvey J accumulated over 19 million views alone on Facebook, with co-signs from icons like Shaquille O’neal. O.Z has been working on his craft since childhood. At 8, O.Z wrote his first song, at 12 he recorded his first record and today he’s an multi talented creative artist with over 60 million views and 1 million streams. O.z left his hometown of Newark, New Jersey and moved to Durham, North Carolina at 19 to chase his dreams. After making this move, he connected with rap group Earth Movers and together they made a name for themselves in the city.

O.Z’s musical influences include Tupac, DMX, Eminem, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. He’s always had an affinity for lyrical rhymes and curates music that resonates with fans on a personal level mixed with fun beats that many can dance and turn up to. O.Z recently released a new video for the single, “Designer Drip” and his most recent project, Return of The King, gained over 1 million streams within the first two days of debut.

O.Z is also the founder of record label & clothing brand G.I.O.Y.O which stands for “Get It On Your Own.” G.I.O.Y.O was established in 2015 and over the past 5 years he has helped shape and mold many artists’ careers, using his knowledge of the industry to benefit their growth and sound.

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