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BreadWinner Kane Talks Starting New Label with Zaytoven [Video]

BreadWinner Kane Talks Starting New Label with Zaytoven [Video]

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Breadwinner Kane recently linked up with DGB for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview. During the sit down Kane talked about starting a new label with Zaytoven, starting out as an investor, Kevin Gates encouraging him to rap, being apart of BWA, his relationship with Young Freq, working with Bankroll Fresh, linking up with Zaytoven 15 years ago, booking Zaytoven for his first show, reveals him & Zaytoven are working on a full project.

Kane also talked about his upcoming project ‘Street Certified’ that will feature Boosie, Fredo Bang & Haitian Fresh, and his single “Popin Fa Somthin” that he shot in Turkey and Italy, performing in Africa, and much more.

“Popin Fa Somthin” aired on BET Jams last week while being announced on Fresh Face Friday in the number 6 spot, in addition to being playlisted into the mixtape during the 7pm hour and 3am rotation daily.


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