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[Music Video] Jonah Melvon – “Sunday Mornings”

[Music Video] Jonah Melvon – “Sunday Mornings”

Saturday, 22 August 2020
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Jonah Melvon is amazing.

Last September, he generated popularity with his buzzworthy project, RainWater Project. Keeping up with widespread attention, Melvon unveils his latest effort in the new song, titled, “Sunday Mornings.” The second single release this year, following “Expiration Date,” Melvon delivers a rejoiceful tune based on the joy that comes in the morning.

Taking from his childhood in the church, “Sunday Mornings” is a song recalls Melvon’s days of worship and praise. “This would be hard to account for, however I know the feelings I associate with Sunday mornings; everything from introspective, the ability to be able to relax and connect with family, good food and good coffee,” he remembers.

Melvon continues, “Though now that I think about this question a little more, I remember every Sunday we would go to my Aunt Joyce house after church. All of my extended family would be there, and we are not talking about a small group of people. It was loud all the time, people would break out in song, there were kids everywhere riding bikes in the neighborhood, dancing in the living room, and playing video games upstairs. My Uncles and Aunties would compete with who made the best disk. These times really made our family extremely close.”

Both “Sunday Mornings” and “Expiration Date” is available now on all DSPs via Left University. Find out more on Jonah Melvon today via Instagram.

Watch “Sunday Mornings” now.


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