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YNS Talley – “Hypeman”

YNS Talley – “Hypeman”

Thursday, 20 August 2020
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YNS Talley (@yns_talley) delivers powerful message on his new single “Hypeman” (prod by Cake Boy Bally).

“In a society ravaged by social and economical injustice we must come together to fight the powers that be. Standing as one body amongst the masses that continue to oppress us we stand a chance to create change and influence.

Using our own individual voice outside of an audience we have the power to be more than the spark but the fire that lays waste for a new horizon. As once stated in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. No help is needed to speak about what’s right.”

YNS TALLEY · Hypeman

About Talley:

East Atlanta bred rapper YNS Talley is an all-American athlete and Clark Atlanta University alumnus. He is currently managed by superstar cousin Drekia Glenn (@drekia), a reality tv personality and former management of the late entertainer Shawty Lo.

Talley’s 2019 album “Cap or Gown” was a follow up to his 2018 release “1 Man Band Vol. 1”. The project included standout tracks such as “Exosphere”, “Over & Above”, “Seafood and Blossomed.” Talley has collaborated with artists such as Moam, PDE Escobar, Rsd1 Young, and Maserati Jones.


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